Avatar PR Commander Profile: Rawm

Rawm - Avatar Pandora Rising

Described in-game with “Send Rawm to gather at Razor Palm Meadows. His combat boosts make him a strong guard for Razor Palm Meadows.” A free spirit with an interesting backstory, Rawm shares this Razor Palm specialty with one other Na’vi Commander – Ruke. His Safeguard tag makes him a prime candidate for your gatherer upgrades if Razor Palm is a major need in your camp.



Class: Gatherer
Rarity: Rare
Commander Tags: Razor Palm, Safeguard
Synergies: Champion, Viperwolf Den, Viperwolf Pack, Banshee Flight, Ikran Assault, Forest Banshee
Commander Talents:

  • Razor Palm Safeguard – Finds bonus Razor Palm Leaf at solo Razor Palm Meadow, All Troops level (+1 to +25) at any Razor Palm Meadow, all Towers level (+1 to +46) at any Razor Palm Meadow
  • Meadow Vanguard – these only apply at Razor Palm Meadow – Champion (+1 to +28), Viperwolf Den (+1 to +28), Viperwolf Pack (+1 to +28)
  • Razorleaf – these only apply at Razor Palm Meadow – Banshee Flight (+1 to +28), Ikran Assault (+1 to +28), Forest Banshee (+1 to +28)

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