Avatar PR Commander Profile: Alar’at

Tserat - Avatar Pandora Rising

Described in-game with “Send Alar’at to battle enemy forces at Hunting and Gathering sites. Use Alar’at’s boost to Tukru Fighters to shred through large ground enemies and Buildings.” Alar’at is an Uncommon Stalker in the Warrior Class for the Na’vi in Avatar: Pandora Rising and was originally named Tserat during the BETA testing of the game.



Class: Warrior
Rarity: Uncommon
Commander Tags: Stalker
Synergies: Archers, Hellswarm, Paradise Needler, Fire Thrower, Tukru Fighters, Viperwolf Pack
Commander Talents:

  • Stalker – All Towers level (+2 to +42), all Troops level (+2 to +13) when attacking any Resource Site, Loot Skill (+1,350 to +350,000) when attacking any Resource Site
  • Firebrand – Tukru Fighters (+2 to +26), Hellswarm (+2 to +26), Viperwolf Pack (+2 to +26)
  • Vendetta – Fire Thrower (+2 to +26), Paradise Needler (+2 to +26), Archers (+2 to +26)

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