Avatar PR Commander Profile: Tsu’mong

Tsu'mong - Avatar Pandora Rising

Described in-game with “Use Tsu’mong to defend your Base or reinforce your allies. Leverage Tsu’mong’s versatility to defend your towers, while launching counter-attacks with Direhorse Riders and Warbeests.” A former artists turned trainer of the young Anurai warriors, Tsu’mong is a Warrior with the Defender tag in Avatar: Pandora Rising. His buffs to Direhorse Riders, Archers and Warbeests make this Uncommon Na’vi Commander one to be feared.



Class: Warrior
Rarity: Uncommon
Commander Tags: Defender
Synergies: Direhorse Rider, Archers, Viperwolves, Warbeest, Stingbat Swarm, Arrow Storm
Commander Talents:

  • Defender – All Towers level (+2 to +43), Wall Towers level (+6 to +33), all Troops (+2 to +23) when defending a Player’s Base
  • Spearhead – Direhorse Rider (+2 to +26), Archers (+2 to +26), Viperwolves (+2 to +26)
  • Battleheart – Warbeast (+2 to +26), Stingbat Swarm (+2 to +26), Arrow Storm (+2 to +26)

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