Avatar PR Commander Profile: Morgado

Morgado - Avatar Pandora Rising

Described in-game with “Send Morgado to battle enemy forces at Hunting and Gathering locations. Balance out Morgado’s high cost DD-45 Harrower with lower cost Troops.” Morgado is an Epic Stalker in the Soldier Class for the RDA in Avatar: Pandora Rising who also has the Swift tag indicating he travels to and from sites at a faster pace. While his parallel commander from the Na’vi is Tserat, Morgado’s boosts to troops in battle are significantly better than those of his Na’vi counterpart.



Class: Soldier
Rarity: Epic
Commander Tags: Swift, Stalker
Synergies: DD-45 Harrower, Gas Grenade, Grenadier, Hornet Scout, Lynx Transport, RPG Infantry
Commander Talents:

  • Watchman – Travel Speed (+20% to +100%), Sentry Tower level (+7 to +45) when attacking any Resource Site, all Troops level (+7 to +24) when attacking any Resource Site
  • Atlas – DD-45 Harrower (+4 to +18), Grenadier (+4 to +18), RPG Infantry (+4 to +18)
  • Vendetta – Lynx Transport (+4 to +18), Hornet Scout (+4 to +18), Gas Grenade (+4 to +18)

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