SWGoH: Should I Buy? Relic Challenge Bundle

SWGoH Relic Challenge Bundle

We resume the Should I Buy? series here at Gaming-fans.com with the most recent Relic Challenge Bundle which hit stores after yesterday’s update. This pack guarantees credits and needed materials to upgrade characters to Relic 8, another addition from the new client download that took place on December 9, 2020. But should you buy this pack? Let’s take a look.


What Do I Get in the Relic Challenge Bundle?

The Relic Challenge Bundle has a price tag of $49.99 USD and includes the following:

  • 1 million Credits
  • 10 Fragmented Signal Data
  • 15 Incomplete Signal Data
  • 25 Flawed Signal Data
  • 20 Carbonite Circuit Board
  • 30 Bronzium Wiring
  • 20 Chromium Transistor
  • 20 Aurodium Heatsink
  • 20 Electrium Conductor
  • 20 Zinbiddle Card
  • 10 Impulse Detector – NEW!
  • 10 Aeromagnifier – NEW!


Should I Buy the Relic Challenge Bundle?

This question is entirely up to you. If you are a whale or kraken who spends all the time and money is no issue, then yes, I guess you probably should buy this pack to stay ahead of the pack and satisfy your competitive side. The pack is limited to 3 purchases and does NOT take a Relic 7 character completely to Relic 8 as a single pack purchase leaves the buyer 10 Impulse Detectors short of Relic 8. This feels like a purposeful move by EA Capital Games and, in fairness, is a sign of greed and a lack of respect for their paying customers, but again, if you’re a big spender you’re not going to care much. I will say that given the rarity of acquiring the Electrium Conductor pieces and Zinbiddle Cards in any way other than spending money, there is “value” in the pack with these.

Personally I have purchased this pack once and will not be buying it again. I feel a bit shafted by CG

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