MSF: Dark Dimension IV Walkthrough & Live Blog – Mission #9

Dark Dimension 4 - Mission 9

Dark Dimension IV: Embrace Your Doom is the ultimate endgame content in Marvel Strike Force in 2021, and I begin fighting Mission #9 after completing the 8th mission in a week of attacks. While my team not an ideal team makeup for this game mode, these non-Legendary Cosmic characters at Gear 15 are quite strong as I continue to try and setup the City characters next as I continue to live blog my daily attempts as I look to defeat the Dark Dimension and and unlock Doctor Doom.


My Mission #9, Dark Dimension IV: Embrace Your Doom eligible characters:

  • Thanos – 140,701 power, 7 stars, 4 red – Gear 15 – Abilities 7-7-7-5 – Level 5 Fortifier
  • Minn-erva – 144,916 power, 7 stars, 6 red – Gear 15 – Abilities 7-7-7-5 – Level 5 Healer
  • Hela – 123,602 power, 7 stars, 4 red – Gear 15 – Abilities 7-7-7-5 – Level 4 Striker
  • Kestrel – 137,292 power, 6 stars, 5 red – Gear 15 – Abilities 7-7-7-5 – Level 5 Striker


Dark Dimension IV: Embrace Your Doom – Mission 9

Vulture, 5.39m – 70.398m total health

06.19.21 – I start the battle with my 546k team and go after Scientist Supreme, Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch. Eliminating healers and revivers in this game mode is key to success in my opinion. After removing them I focus on the two Graviton enemies and finish them off and work through the bad guys. At 38 enemies left a new group arrives and while I am able to weaken them a bit, they are my undoing. It turns out I did 16.3m damage so at least I can feel good about the first battle.

06.20.21 – Day two and 37 enemies to go, so I start with the super soldier Vulture and finish him off fast. Next I kill a Mysterio, and since Kestrel is charged he cannot revive his projections. After killing Bullseye, I finish the other Myterio and his projected minion since Kestrel is no longer charged. I put my attacks on Mister Fantastic and then Taskmaster to finish this wav of enemies and move on as a new group arrives with 30 enemies to go. 8 enemies appear with two super charged Hulks and I target the Hulk on the right immediately. The attacks on him place significant damage on Mysterio, and without the charged this causes problems as his projections appear and I am stuck behind a taunt from the HAG. Kestrel does some damage but gets overwhelmed and I am done with 29 enemies and 43.9m health remaining.

06.21.21 – Day 3 and 29 enemies await my attacks as I look to remove one of these Hulks and avoid that crazy ultimate ability. I start my attacks on the right side Hulk along with Mister Fantastic and despite HAG taunting I am able to kill one Hulk. I land a bunch of debuffs and have Hela spread them which allows me to weaken the enemies and kill both Mister Fantastic enemies, Falcon and Vulture before adding HAG to the list and leaving just one Hulk on-screen. Once I kill him 22 enemies remain and 8 enemies appear. I land several debuffs and start off strong then have Hela spread them to the masses and the screen is almost all red as I kill a Hydra Sniper. The battle goes favorably for me as I get to 20 enemies left and lose Thanos, but Minn-erva revives him and at 19 enemies left more reinforcements arrive with Taskmaster, Baron Zemo and more. These reinforcements really bolster the opponents as they kill me off with 17 enemies to go.

06.22.21 – I will start with 17 enemies and 23.0m health to go as my foursome tallying 546k power goes into battle once again. I start with a Hydra Sniper in red health and a Hydra Rifle Trooper in yellow, so I go after both and finish them off quickly to allow me to target Zemo. Once I get Zemo to yellow health Crossbones taunts and Heimdall keeps getting bonus hits from Kestrel as he is into the red, so I quickly shift focus and kill him, then kill Zemo. Now just Crossbones and Taskmaster remain, so I kill the weaker one, Crossbones, then focus all efforts on Taskmaster. Taskmaster is tough but cannot deal with the overwhelming odds and at 11 enemies left a group of 8 appear with Cull Obsidian, Human Torch and Taskmaster as the three super soldiers. I go right after Human Torch and debuff him then spread it with Hela before Crossbones taunts. An AoE from Thanos kills HT and 10 enemies remain, as I lose Minn-erva and Thanos to a Crossbones explosion. Hela and Kestrel kill off one Bullseye and leave the other with red health before the enemies finish me off, setting up tomorrow nicely. 9 enemies and 13.6m health remain.

06.23.21 – 9 enemies and 13.6m health to go as I start withe the same four and the same stats. I take out Bullseye immediately and take advantage of the Defense Down from Kestrel that Hela spreads and kill Crossbones quickly. Now 7 remain, and I go right at Cull Obsidian, rebuffing him and surviving several attacks. Minn-erva heals the group and I kill Cull, but then lose Hela and revive her. I shift focus to Human Torch but he is taking the hits well, and I lose Minn-erva and Hela again. This is too much to handle but should mean my next battle is the last on this mission as Kestrel kills HT and I end with 5 enemies and 5.1m health to go.

06.24.21 – Determined to end this battle today, 5 enemies and 5.1m health remain for Mission #9 as my foursome is now at 547k. The five remaining enemies are Heimdall at about 85% health, Taskmaster & Hulk at about 70%, Falcon at about 60% health and Green Goblin around 10% health. Two hits and GG is dead and I take advantage of the finishing blow that Kestrel dealt that also added Defense Down to Taskmaster and Hulk, finishing Hulk a few hits later. I focus on TM and while he gets some hits in, finish him off with my team all alive, then switch to Falcon who is not in the red. Thanos and Hela take hits and are low on health, but I remove Falcon and leave Heimdall for last, easily finishing him off for the win. The reward is 300k gold, 200 T4 mats and 5k Elite 5 Credits.


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