MSF: Dark Dimension IV Walkthrough & Live Blog – Mission #12

Dark Dimension 4 - Mission 12

Dark Dimension IV: Embrace Your Doom is the ultimate endgame content in Marvel Strike Force in 2021, and I begin fighting Mission #12 after a several tough battles on Mission #11. While my team not an ideal team makeup for this game mode, these non-Legendary City characters at Gear 15 are quite strong and I am already prepared with five characters for the Legendary boards after I advance. Keep following along as I continue to live blog my daily attempts and look to defeat the Dark Dimension to unlock Doctor Doom.


My Mission #12, Dark Dimension IV: Embrace Your Doom eligible characters:

  • Punisher – 145,582 power, 7 stars, 6 red – Gear 15 – Abilities 7-7-7-5 – Level 5 Striker
  • Spider-Man (Symbiote) – 141,522 power, 6 stars, 6 red – Gear 15 – Abilities 7-7-7-5 – Level 5 Striker
  • Carnage – 140,503 power, 7 stars, 5 red – Gear 15 – Abilities 7-7-7-5 – Level 4 Skirmisher
  • Anti-Venom – 121,735 power, 5 stars, 5 red – Gear 15 – Abilities 7-7-7-5 – Level 5 Healer


Dark Dimension IV: Embrace Your Doom – Mission 12

Star-Lord, 3.41m – 42.6m total health

07.13.21 – I start the battle with my foursome facing 8 enemies on-screen and 27 overall. This proves to be a very tough start as I try a variety of combos on my attacks and restart several times with no real change in my result. In the end I choose to lay the majority of my attacks on Punisher with some on Sat-Lord, but all enemies remain with green health when I am killed off.


07.14.21 – Day 2 and 41.7m of 42.6m still remains – this will be a long, tough battle. It will be even longer since I failed to even attack today and did not realize until a little after midnight…


07.15.21 – A wasted attempt as this is going to take forever. I try to place debuffs on Punisher and JJ cleanses so I restart and save some debuffs and they wipe me out with almost zero damage done.


07.16.21 – More frustration. I keep working on Punisher and weaken him a bit more, but these enemies are brutal.


07.17.21 – 27 enemies and 40.2m health remain as I finally look to kill off Punisher and I do in a single hit. I then focus my efforts on weakening Star-Lord and get him down to about 50% health before the enemies overwhelm me.


07.18.21 – 39.8m health remains across 26 enemies as it has taken 5 days to make a very small amount of progress. I do have Venom one piece away from joining the crew above, but that may take another week or more given I try not to buy the gear needed (unless the Fight Pass counts…).

I start off hitting Star-Lord and when he hits yellow health Ms. Marvel taunts and momentarily messes up my plan of attack. My entire team survives the barrage of hits and I get a Punisher AoE which brings Star-Lord to red health. I land more debuffs on Star-Lord which kills him and I lose Punisher and SMS, but Anti-Venom revives him and I move my hits from JJ to Captain America thanks to his taunt. After a few hits I lose AV which turns into a downward spiral as they finish me off. This ends up being my best attack yet as I skim off 2.4m health in this single battle.


07.19.21 – 37.4m health remains across 25 enemies as today’s focus is Captain America. While I am able to accomplish this goal of removing him, I can do little else and I am killed fast.


07.20.21 – 36.6m health remains across 24 enemies as just 5 enemies remain on-screen – Captain Marvel, Sabretooth, Ms. Marvel, and super soldiers Rocket Raccoon & Jessica Jones. I decide to go right after Rocket and stun him with an SMS ultimate, and while I get one Punisher attack in, he is (as always) the first to die. Carnage and SMS use Iso-8 well to get extra attacks in and I am able to kill Rocket and start attacking CM as a result. JJ cleanses the debuffs to make my job harder, but I start at it again looking to get rid of CM’s offense with my three Symbiotes. I pile debuffs open CM and stun her with another SMS ultimate and then finish her and Sabretooth before moving on to JJ and finally, Ms. Marvel. I am able to save special attacks here and finish them off using just basics and at 19 enemies left the next wave appears.

This group of 8 enemies features a SHIELD Trooper and Security, Punisher, Rescue, X-23, Venom, Iron Man and Star-Lord with both Iron And and SHIELD Trooper supercharged. I knock about 20% of Rescue’s health off and then get totally overrun, even with a revive of SMS, as it end quickly.


07.21.21 – 29.4m health across 19 enemies remains as Venom is getting closer and closer to joining the crew… I check in at 564k once again and have 8 enemies on-screen and I play this short battle out a few different times to see what I can accomplish, and the answer is literally almost nothing. Punisher is the first to die – every time – and Rescue gets her specials off which means today is nothing but treading water.


07.22.21 – Another day where nothing I do seems to matter. A 5th member of the team would help, but this battle is brutal. Of course no matter how many times I try to set this battle up, Punisher dies first almost every time. This battle sees me waste X-23’s ultimate and knock some health off of SHIELD Security leaving me with 17 enemies and 28.9m health to go.


07.23.21 – Still no luck with the final 5 gear pieces for Venom as I remain four strong and 564k power. I see that Rescue is right at 50% health and decide to go after SHIELD Security to avoid the taunts when anyone else dips below 50%, and I land a SMS ultimate on the second move of the battle which sets the tone nicely. I stack debuffs on SS and once I get to 5 bleeds and 7 debuffs overall I am able to finish him off and immediately set my sights on Rescue. I find I am surviving here, minus the early loss of Punisher of course, as most enemy ultimates were used in previous days. Rescue cleanses to mess up my plans a bit, but I get her to yellow, then red after the cleanse. I finally finish her off and then X-23 kills AV with her ultimate so this battle is about to fall apart. I land one more attack and they finish me off with 15 enemies left and 26.0m health to go.


07.24.21 – Starting with 26.0 health on the 17 remaining enemies I start with 6 on-screen who have been brutal to face. With my continued frustration with his terrible Punisher is at Gear 15, I decide to take it out on his counterpart and land several debuffs on the enemy Punisher while slowing down the rest. I am able to kill Punisher but it makes the battle far worse with Spider-Man (Symbiote), Emma Frost and Scream all appearing at the 16 enemy mark. This pretty much ruins the rest of this battle as the enemies overwhelm me from here but I do manage to do about 1.8m damage in total.


07.26.21 – While technical difficulties have killed my opportunity to make this a tru live blog, this is my experience to the best of my memory. Starting with 24.2m health and 16 enemies to go, I head into battle with a team team that now includes Venom and checks in at 688k power. The battle has me focused on eliminating the SHIELD Trooper to remove more offense and bonus attacks, and I have to restart several times to get there. In the end I recall using AV’s heal to add Immunity and Defense up which allows me to survive and resist the debuffs from the ultimate of SMS.

07.27.21 – After two attacks yesterday I have 22.5m health across 15 enemies and start my attacks focusing on Iron Man as he starts in yellow health, and its not long before he is in red health as I add debuffs to him turn after turn. Punisher is, of course, the first to die on my team as I am able to weaken Iron Man enough to kill him off and start working on Star-Lord. I lose SMS and Carnage and then try to just do as much damage as possible before I am killed off as I leave 14 enemies still to go and 21.6m health.


07.28.21 – Today’s goal is to kill Star-Lord and hopefully make significant progress elsewhere, so I start fighting the 6 on-screen enemies. I reset after a fail on the attempt and try again, this time using the SMS basic to apply Defense Down on the initial hit, and this sets up a quick kill of Star-Lord. However, after this attack the battle falls apart and while I am able to make a dent in Scream, that is about all I would call it as I die with 13 enemies and 20.9m health remaining.


07.29.21 – Back again at 688k power as I look to significantly weaken or kill another enemy. My first run I try hitting Emma Frost first, but while I make a small dent in her health, I cannot stun her with the SMS ultimate and she clears the debuffs for her team fast which nullifies the effectiveness of the attack. My best run comes from focusing attacks on Venom which gets him and Scream to yellow health. Emma Frost continues to be the thorn in my side on this board as her ability to cleanse is killing my chances at long-term success. In the end, 13 enemies remain with 19.7m health.


07.30.21 – Tomorrow I will replace a slow Punisher with a slightly less slow Iron Fist, but as for today I acan once again watch Punisher suck. 19.7m health across 13 enemies is what I have to face, and today’s goal is to eliminate Venom. My opening 4 attacks do not get the job done, but the resulting Bleed debuff kills Venom when his turn comes, of course just after the enemies kill my Punisher. I then start attacking Scream and get her to red health before Emma Frost cleanses, but a combo of Carnage and SMS with the proper Iso-8 setup kills Scream to get the enemy count down to 11. This ends up being all I have to be excited about before my next turn comes as the enemies kill all but AV, leaving SMS, Emma Frost and X-23 to contend with on-screen as 11 enemies and 18.1m health remains.


My New Mission #12, Dark Dimension IV: Embrace Your Doom eligible characters:

  • Spider-Man (Symbiote) – 141,522 power, 6 stars, 6 red – Gear 15 – Abilities 7-7-7-5 – Level 5 Striker
  • Carnage – 140,503 power, 7 stars, 5 red – Gear 15 – Abilities 7-7-7-5 – Level 4 Skirmisher
  • Anti-Venom – 136,415 power, 6 stars, 6 red – Gear 15 – Abilities 7-7-7-5 – Level 5 Healer
  • Venom – 127,529 power, 7 stars, 5 red – Gear 15 – Abilities 7-6-6-5 – Level 5 Striker
  • Iron Fist – 110,014, 7 stars, 4 red – Gear 15 – Abilities 6-7-6-5 – Level 4 Healer

07.31.21 – I now fight with 42k less power but feel better about my chances as Iron Fist cannot be more worthless than Punisher. I target the enemy SMS and get him down to red health, but keeping buffs on my team and debuffs on the enemies is a pain with Emma Frost on the other side. I get their SMS to within a hit or two of death before they clean my team up, so tomorrow will have to be the day…


08.01.21 – 17.0m health remains across 11 enemies as my 656k team heads into battle. 3 enemies are on-screen – X-23, Emma Frost and Spider-Man (Symbiote). SMS is my target and starts in red health, and one hit finishes him off so I put everything into killing Emma Frost, which feels like a waste as she keeps healing and resisting the debuffs. I switch gears to X-23 to take away the offense, and while it takes 30-40 hits to kill her, I am able to finish her off finally. Back to Emma Frost, now the lone enemy on-screen, and this is brutal. I estimate it took me at least 7-8 minutes of constant hits to kill her as she keeps adding Barrier and healing a small bit each cycle through her abilities. In the end she finally dies, 8 enemies arrive on the scene and they start picking on Venom. I start attacking Captain America as he does not have Defense Up yet, so I figure getting hits in on him now will make my attacks more efficient. I lose Anti-Venom, then Venom and watch it all fall apart as the battle is over for today with 13.7m health left.


08.02.21 – With 13.7m health and just 8 enemies left, I have my sights on completion, but I know it will be a tough few days to get through this crew of baddies. Captain Marvel gets the first turn today and I restart multiple times as I lose a character on the first turn every time. Finally I get the bright idea to put Punisher in, since he is worthless in the Dark Dimension battles at this level of competition, and once CM kills Punisher I take that run. I place attacks on Captain America in hopes of weakening him to remove one taunter and help the long-term battle, but after a SMS ultimate JJ cleanses and screws up my plans. I lose Venom to another CM ultimate and SMS dies, but Venom and Carnage place several debuffs on Cap which help me get him to yellow health before I die.

A second battle today begins with 12.7m health across the same 8 enemies, this time with Iron Fist as my 5th member. I am able to land some hits on Cap and after a Black Bolt ultimate I still have Anti-Venom, Venom and SMS alive, so I revive Carnage and use the Defense Up to my advantage. This allows me to live long enough to see my SMS kill Captain America and get the enemy count down to 7, but that is all I can be happy about as they kill me off with 12.1m enemy health remaining.


08.03.21 – 12.1m health to go across 7 enemies and the first move sees Captain Markel kill my Iron Fist with her ultimate. I just leveled up two Iso-8 pieces for him too… CM is an issue that will need to be addressed, but today I will start attacking Black Panther. The main reason I go after BP is my experience with a 6 Red Star version of him on my roster and how he is always so squishy no matter the gear, so I feel like I can make progress today. I land Defense Down and some Bleed debuffs and get four hits in before JJ cleanses, then I start a new round of debuffs on him and get him to yellow health before the enemies overwhelm my team, ending my run with 7 enemies and 11.5m health to go. This is going to take a while…


08.04.21 – Now at 657k power, I lose Iron Fist on CM’s opening hit and I go to work on Black Panther, landing 10 debuffs on him including Stun, none of which JJ worries about in her first turn. I finish him off and land a couple of hits on CM, but her use of the ultimate on nearly every turn is a killer, literally, and my battle is over far too quickly. 6 enemies and 10.6m health remains…


08.05.21 – 6 enemies and 10.6m health remains as I focus on Captain Marvel who is a huge pain in the butt on this board and at about 85% health. Of course she takes the first turn and is near 95% before I can even hit her… I test this out and a couple of other attack options where I can get damage to “stick” and I go with an attack where I shift to Jessica Jones and do about 30% health damage on her alone. Because of the CM heal I am still at 10.3m health to go as this continues to take forever…


08.06.21 – With Iron Fist now a Level 5 healer, I get off to a great start to today’s battles sees CM miss SMS with her firsthand attack and I use two attacks to get JJ below 50% health. I wade through the Ms. Marvel taunt and lose both Iron Fist and Venom, then land more hits on JJ and take some hits. I survive and JJ cleanses, then I get her to red health with my three still alive. I land two more hits before the enemies are just too much and kill me off with 9.2m health left.

Back for a second battle, this time with Punisher in place of Iron Fist, my 691k team faces the 6 enemies remaining with a total 9.2m health. Punisher dies immediately and I then get to hi JJ with Carnage, twice with SMS, then Anti-Venom who finishes her off. In my excitement of clearing out JJ I miss that the enemies fight back and kill AV which sucks, but I am not resetting for that. I get a couple of hits on Black Bolt but his ultimate is too much to take and I am dead with 5 enemies and 9.3m health to go.


08.07.21 – Back again for more punishment (see what I did there?), and my 658k team with Iron Fist is facing the final 5 enemies and their 9.3m health. CM is not using her ultimate for the first attack, so restart for a more favorable opening hit that does not include a dead ally. I go right after Black Bolt who starts around 85% health and land 4 debuffs on him early. With JJ no longer an issue, the debuffs stick and I lose Iron Fist after one move (one more move than Punisher ever gets…). Anti-Venom gets killed second, but I have 7 debuffs on BB at the time and am able to keep working on him despite losing AV. I get BB to red health and finally finish him off with Carnage, SMS and Venom still alive but weak. I try to navigate the final four enemies – two X-23s, Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel, but the high dodge chance and evasion from X-23 messes me up and they finish me off with 4 enemies and 6.8m health left.

My impatience shows as I go for another battle, this time with a 691k team with Punisher in the 5th slot. Venom survives the opening attack and I start hitting CM, getting Defense Down on her and two Bleeds as a SMS ultimate slows the others. I get double digit debuffs on CM and lose Punisher, then CM continues to weaken and cleanses herself and I get her to red. I finish her off with my four Symbiotes still alive and transition to an X-23 and Ms. Marvel, trying to navigate the taunt while also taking advantage of the Defense Down on Ms. Marvel with her self-heal in the back of my mind. I survive the ultimates from both X-23 enemies and kill MM to send this to the home stretch. At this point, smelling victory, I go for the kill using all I have and piling debuffs on both enemies. The win nets me 300k gold, 200 T4 Ability Materials and 5k Elite 5 Credits.



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