MSF: Dark Dimension IV Walkthrough & Live Blog – Mission #15

Dark Dimension 4 - Mission 15

Dark Dimension IV: Embrace Your Doom is the ultimate endgame content in Marvel Strike Force in 2021, and I begin fighting Mission #15 after three days and 6 battles on Mission #14. While my team not an ideal team makeup for this game mode, these Legendary characters at Gear 15 do not really fit together well anyway as I look to complete these final three boards. Keep following along as I continue to live blog my daily attempts and look to defeat the Dark Dimension to unlock Doctor Doom.


My Mission #15, Dark Dimension IV: Embrace Your Doom eligible Legendary characters:

  • Black Bolt – 157,450 power, 7 stars, 6 red – Level 80 – Gear 15 – Abilities 7-7-7-5 – Level 5 Striker
  • Ebony Maw – 151,455 power, 7 stars, 6 red – Level 80 – Gear 15 – Abilities 7-7-7-5 – Level 5 Skirmisher
  • Invisible Woman – 146,184 power, 7 stars, 6 red – Level 80 – Gear 15 – Abilities 7-7-7-5 – Level 5 Healer
  • Phoenix – 144,837 power, 7 stars, 6 red – Level 80 – Gear 15 – Abilities 7-7-7-5 – Level 4 Striker
  • Shuri – 143,228 power, 7 stars, 6 red – Level 80 – Gear 15 – Abilities 7-7-7-5 – Level 5 Skirmisher
  • Jubilee – 142,657 power, 7 stars, 5 red – Level 80 – Gear 15 – Abilities 7-7-7-5 – Level 5 Striker
  • Nick Fury – 125,726 power, 7 stars, 5 red – Level 80 – Gear 15 – Abilities 6-6-7-5 – Level 5 Healer
  • Doctor Octopus – 123,368, 6 stars, 5 red – Level 80 – Gear 15 – Abilities 6-7-6-5 – Level 4 Healer


Dark Dimension IV: Embrace Your Doom – Mission 15

Taskmaster, 7.52m – 91.6m total health

08.09.21 – With 8 eligible characters in total, my options for this fight are limited thanks to a tough few finals fights in Mission #14. As a result I have Shuri, Nick Fury, Doc Oc, Invisible Woman and Jubilee available totaling 681k power. The battle begins with Shuri, in her new role as a Skirmisher, taking the first turn and Fury adding Defense Up before Doc Oc’s ultimate Slows down the enemies with a plethora of debuffs. I focus hits on Mordo to start before Wasp kills my Shuri in a wtf kind of moment and dismantles the whole battle. At this point I try to land hits on anyone who does not typically self-heal as I die having done 300k damage in total – ugh.


08.10.21 – Let’s try another lineup today and I will start with Black Bolt, Ebony Maw and Phoenix and add Invisible Woman and Doc Oc for 723k power. I try this out a couple of different ways, but having Phoenix stealth her allies the first turn is the best outcome. Thanks to Phoenix I am able to get Star-Lord to red health after her summoned zap, and her swoop kills him and sets up a kill of Black Widow on my next turn. I kill off Ant-Man and Hawkeye next, then it takes a few hits to finish Falcon as I shift focus to Yellow Jacket. I kill off YJ and Stature and only Mordo is left in this first wave of enemies, and when I kill him off 54 enemies remain. The new group includes 8 bad guys and gals with Korath and Taskmaster Super Soldiers. Ultimates from Doc Oc, Black Bolt and Ebony Maw set this battle up a bit, but Korath places taunt on BB and then the enemy Thanos taunts and they finally kill BB. The enemies proceed to land several debuffs and at this point I use only basics as they slowly kill me off. 54 enemies and 77m health remains.

Back for another go, I have BB, EM and Phoenix joined by Shuri and Jubilee this time for 740k power.  I restart 5-6 times before I finally get the result I want – where nobody dies and the Korath enemies target Phoenix and trigger Dark Phoenix and the resulting zap. I end up losing Shuri in a wild barrage from Deadpool and others, but a Jubilee ultimate slows the enemies down and Phoenix gets to use her big swoop ultimate with most enemies having Defense Down. This puts them all in yellow health other than Ebony Maw, and thanks to well-used Iso-8 I kill off one of the Koraths next as Ebony Maw and BB team up. I get blinded and miss a couple of attacks, then kill Scarlet Witch just in time before placing a couple of hits on Deadpool just before I die with 52 enemies and 72.8m health left.

Now with the low offense, high survivability team of Nick Fury, Doc Oc, Shuri, Invisible Woman and Jubilee. These five check in at 681k and will be my final attempt of the day as I am not willing to pay 100 power cores for a character refresh. I restart this battle a few times to get a better outcome and lose Shuri early every time, finding that the best outcome is going all-in on Deadpool as Doc Oc kills him just before I am wiped out. This means 51 enemies and 73.4m health remains as well – yes, higher health than when I started…


08.11.21 – After the success in my first run yesterday I will try the same group to start today and see what I think. Black Bolt, Ebony Maw, Phoenix, Invisible Woman and Doc Oc check in at 724k power now as Doc Oc got some Iso-8 upgrades and is almost to Level 5 now. Korath hits Phoenix with his opening shot and the next hit kills her, summoning Dark Phoenix and setting this battle up nicely. I attack Korath and the adjacent targets get hit hard too, then Thanos taunts. I am able to respond with Doc Oc’s ultimate and then Ebony Maw’s as well, the latter of which kills Vision. Now 50 enemies remain and 4 are on-screen and I am stuck hitting Thanos a bit until Phoenix uses her turn-based zap which kills 3, leaving only Ebony Maw. A few basics and a summoned Sinister Six member later and 8 new enemies appear including a Black Widow and Ultimus Super Soldier. We trade hits as I focus on Jessica Jones, and after I land a Black Bolt ultimate the enemies gang up on my crew thanks to some big hits including two ultimates from the two Human Torch enemies. I end with JJ in red health and 46 enemies with 62.9m health remaining.

I pass on the low offense, high survivability team of Nick Fury, Doc Oc, Shuri, Invisible Woman and Jubilee after testing them out quickly and go to BB, EM, Phoenix, IW and Jubilee instead which starts off much better. The Phoenix zap when Dark Phoenix is summoned kills JJ and Phoenix and Jubilee spread debuffs. Phoenix gets the brunt of the enemy attacks and ides before I kill Black Widow and Quake and 42 enemies remain, then Human Torch and another to get to 40. Just the Kree Royal Guard and Ultimus remain, so I go right after Ultimus with EM finally finishing him off. All basics until KRG is dead and at 38 enemies left 8 new enemies appear with Deadpool and Cable as the Super Soldiers. Jubilee greets them with a rebuff-heavy ultimate and I stun Scarlet Witch and start in on her. A BB ultimate drops her to yellow health, but Thanos taunts and IW adds barrier to my 4-member team. I take a lot of hits and survive but cannot get past the Thanos taunt even after several attacks from BB. Finally the taunt wears off and IW puts stealth on her team which exposes BB, but Jubilee is back with another ultimate and kills SW with the Iso-8 bonus attack. I place several hits on the Kree Noble and lose BB and EM leaving Jubilee and IW overmatched. Jubilee kills the Kree Noble just before I get finished off as 36 enemies and 50.3m health remains.

Somehow my team make-up screwed up my math as I failed to use a second new character in the second run of the day, thus forcing me to use 100 cores on one character if I want a full team of five in my 3rd battle. I grin and bear it and choose Phoenix for the zap potential. As a result I have Nick Fury, Shuri, Doc Oc, Jubilee and Phoenix for this 3rd battle and check in at 681k power. 36 enemies remain with 6 on-screen and I go right at Thanos. I get in a couple of attacks, summon SHIELD and Sinister Six allies to help, and then stealth them all with Phoenix who is then killed by a Deadpool ultimate, allowing Dark Phoenix to come to play. Her turn-based zap leaves Thanos in the red and 3 of the 5 others in yellow health, and a Jubilee ultimate adds even more debuffs to the enemies. Cable finishes Phoenix off and Thanos finally dies, but when he does reinforcements arrive at 35 enemies left. Now with 8 on-screen I go after the weaker enemies and finish off Cable faster than expected thanks to the Defense Down. I finish off Deadpool and stun Taskmaster and Shuri adds a Defense Up that allows me to survive the next barrage of enemy attacks. I finally finish off Taskmaster and Fury add Defense Up to allow Doc Oc to summon another Sinister Six ally and have Jubilee land another ultimate. I keep my focus on the Kree Cyborg and finally finish him off as 31 enemies remain. Now hitting the Kree Noble since she has Defense Down, I lose Fury to a Deadpool ultimate, and try to re-apply Defense Up when possible. Doc Oc summons whenever he can, which allows my team to eat a few big hits, and adding the Defense Up allows them to survive much better than expected. Which the wheels are falling off, they are doing so slowly, and the Kree Noble is in low red health with the other three at yellow when I finally die. 31 enemies and 41.3m health remains after a day that saw 3 attacks knock off 32m health. Just 400 power cores can keep this long train runnin’…

What the heck, you only live once, right? Here we go again for a 4th battle of the day, surely this will be my last as I hate spending cores like this… My five include BB, EM, Doc Oc, Fury and Shuri for 702k power. 36 enemies are there to start and I expect to make quick work of the 4 on-screen. Kree Noble dies fast and I use Iso-8 to setup the biggest offensive threat, Human Torch, who I kill with a BB ultimate. Fury reapplies Defense Up and I kill Vision with a Ebony Maw ultimate to leave just Deadpool. Doc Oc finishes him off and 8 new enemies appear including Super Soldier versions of JJ and Quake. I go right after JJ but Thanos taunts and once I get around it they stun BB and JJ cleanses. Fury applies Defense and Shuri is my first to die as I look to keep pushing. Doc Oc summons again then is killed and the battle is over before I know it as they take out my characters in rapid fashion. 31 enemies and 38.5m health is what remains as I look to wrap this battle up by the weekend.


08.12.21 – Black Bolt, Ebony Maw, Phoenix, Shuri and Jubilee kick things off and check in at 740k power. 27 enemies are left with 8 greeting me as I begin. I start by testing with Doc Oc and IW in the battle and do not like the start, instead finding better results with Shuri and Jubilee b/c of where the cool downs sit. I start in on JJ and get her to red after the Phoenix summon zap, and just after JJ cleanses I am able to have a EM ultimate land debuffs again. I kill JJ and they kill Phoenix, then I start in on one of the Kree Noble enemies who has Defense Down as the assists from the Kree are a real pain. A Jubilee ultimate helps stun and slow them more and having Shuri and EM as Skirmishers for this battle allows Jubilee and BB, both Strikers, to maximize hits. I get one Kree Noble to low red health when Thanos taunts and they kill Shuri. I lose BB next and they gang up on my two to end the battle with 31.3m health to go.

Another round and this time I try out the lineup I originally wanted to use in the earlier battle this morning – Black Bolt, Ebony Maw, Phoenix, Invisible Woman and Doc Oc. I now check in at 725k power now as Doc Oc is now a Level 5 healer. I kill the weak Kree Noble first and now have 6 enemies on screen and 25 total with 3 of the 6 in yellow health. I stick with the Kree theme as the assists hurt and work on the other Kree Noble a bit before Thanos taunts. However EM dispels the taunt through his Iso-8 use and Phoenix puts the team in stealth. A Black Bolt ultimate precedes Phoenix summoning Dark Phoenix and I see that Black Widow is low red health and I kill her off, only to have reinforcements arrive. Now 24 remain and 8 enemies are on-screen with the 5 that have been here a while all with Defense Down. I take a couple of hits, stealth Phoenix with IW, and kill the Kree Noble with BB before Phoenix is up with her turn-based swoop ultimate and four enemies still with Defense Down. This kills Quake to make it 22 enemies left, then a Doc Oc ultimate fails to do much. Phoenix takes a few hits but EM heals and IW adds barrier and Doc Oc adds a Sinister Six summon. I kill the Kree Cyborg and decide to go right after Thanos because he still has Defense Down. A Dark Phoenix turn-based zap ensures and Shocker adds buffs and then hits Thanos and EM again as they are both low red health. I struggle to finish off both, but with the enemies debuted and my team buffed I get them both removed and have 19 enemies left with 3 on-screen. I trade hits on Ultimus and Cable based on who is attacking and Iso-8 assistance, then kill Cable before Ultimus leaving Deadpool which allows me to refresh cool downs before I kill him. Now 16 enemies remain and 8 have arrived on the scene with Human Torch and Ultimus as the two Super Soldiers. Nick Fury is in the back row and I go after him to start using a BB ultimate and Shocker’s attacks before Phoenix opts for the middle ability to save the ultimate. Human Torch strips all of my team’s barrier, but I continue to debuff the enemies and get Fury to yellow health. Fury summons his minions and the Phoenix ultimate bus ready, killing the minions and weakening the rest as 5 of the 8 are in yellow health already. BB uses Iso-8 perfectly and kills Fury before Thanos taunts, but I am able to dispel with a Phoenix basic and focus on Scarlet Witch, getting her to red before a Human Torch ultimate kills Phoenix. The enemies are now buffed and I survive another HT ult and finally kill SW before another HT ult kills BB as my team is falling apart. I land a couple of hits on HT before he finishes me off with another ultimate as 14 enemies and 13.4m health remains.

My third and final attack of the day will likely not be one full of huge offensive gains as I put Nick Fury in with Jubilee, Shuri, IW and Doc Oc for 200 power cores, coming in at 684k power. My goal is simply to kill HT and anything else is icing on the cake. 6 enemies are in front of me with HT in red and the others in yellow health. HT takes 4 hits and is dead so I go to work on Black Widow, spreading debuffs with Doc Oc’s ultimate and adding barrier and Defense Up from the others. I kill BW and have my whole crew so I place my attacks on the Kree Noble, getting her to red health thanks to well-used Iso-8. Fury and Doc Oc summon help and I finish off the Kree Noble with 9 buffed allies against now 3 on-screen enemies with Ultimus and Thanos in yellow and Vision in red health. Several hits and dodges later Vision is dead and Ultimus and Thanos follow as well. The final 8 appear and include: Emma Frost, Taskmaster, Kree Noble, Mordo, Graviton, Mercenary Lieutenant, Vision and a Mercenary Riot Guard. Fury summons more helpers and I go right after Taskmaster as I know how disruptive he can be. I am able to land a stun on him thanks to Jubilee’s ultimate which slows down the crowd and one of the summoned SHIELD Security minions stuns the Mercenary Lieutenant, but Emma Frost & the gang start to turn the tables and flip the buffs. The Riot Guard taunts and it starts to fall apart as Mordo and Vision kill my helpers with their AoE attacks and my final few attacks do not land due to Blind debuffs. Tomorrow I will have 8 enemies in my way with 9.1m health as I look to unlock Doctor Doom.


08.13.21 – 8 enemies and 9.177m health are all that are in my way as I look to finish this off and unclock DD from beating the DD. I start with testing of Black Bolt, Ebony Maw, Phoenix, Shuri and Jubilee. They target BB and Phoenix first as I lay hits on Taskmaster, and when Dark Phoenix arrives it opens things up a bit. Knowing Dark Phoenix will die well before her ultimate if I do not, I use IW’s middle ability to stealth all but BB, but since he has Defense Up it seems to work. BB dispels a MRG taunt and I keeps putting hits on Taskmaster as he is in yellow health before the Dark Phoenix ultimate is up. This gets Graviton and Vision to yellow as well, but Emma buffs the enemies and I lose BB immediately after. With Taskmaster now under stealth I target Graviton with Jubilee’s middle ability and get him to red health as my team is falling apart. In the end I die leaving Vision, MRG and Taskmaster in yellow health and Graviton in red as all 8 enemies remain with 5.5m health left for the win.

For my second battle I go with Black Bolt, Ebony Maw, Phoenix, Shuri and Doc Oc at 723k power. The battle starts strong with Shuri adding D Up and Ebony Maw healing the team and draining Taskmaster into red health. Now 3 enemies are in yellow and 2 in red as Phoenix stealths the team and BB is up with his ultimate which kills Graviton and despite targeting Taskmaster does not get the job done as TM heals up ate yellow. Shuri is up with 7 enemies left and 3 in red health and she hits Kree Noble with a basic which sets up the Dark Phoenix turn-based zap causing Kree Noble and MRG to die. With Taskmaster again in red I put my hits on him as EM slows the enemies and adds D Up and ironically it is Shuri who kills Taskmaster. Now 4 enemies remain and the Phoenix ultimate swoop is up which kills Vision, leaving a red health Merc Lieutenant, yellow health Mordo and Emma Frosted at about 50% health. Doc Oc summons help which just takes hits for me and dies, then I kill ML and focus on Mordo, using BB and Iso-8 to kill him. Now it is my five and Emma Frost, so I just throw the kitchen sink at her knowing I do not have to save anything for cool downs or other enemies or missions. Emma proves to be a huge pain and it ends up that Phoenix and her turn-based zap, followed by well-used Iso-8 are the keys to my eventual victory.

The final result is 300k gold, 200 T4 Ability mats, 5k Elite 5 Credits, 310 Doctor Doom shards, and a 2 Red Star promotion plus a TON of great yellow/orange gear to help me upgrade some of my characters and power up Doctor Doom in MSF.



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