MSF: Dark Dimension V – Escape the Darkness – Second Time Through

Dark Dimension 5 - MSF

Dark Dimension V – Escape the Darkness continues to be relevant in my world now that we have reached August of 2022 as I look to power up Dormammu, the unlock prize of beating it the first time around. Below are some quick notes from this second time through the Dark Dimension V now that my roster is deeper, stronger and better. Note that I am on Level 88 now and will reach Level 89 by mid-August. Many of these characters will have been powered up to Level 88 already, but note that this will become slightly less relevant as players see Level 90 as the norm in the coming months. If you missed our earlier Dark Dimension 5 live blog / walkthrough be sure to check it out.

Missions 1-3 – Using Omega Red, Doctor Doom, Shang-Chi, Morgan Le Fey and Captain America (Sam) I took out the first mission with ease. On the second mission I used Omega Red, Doctor Doom, Silver Surfer, Morgan Le Fey and Adam Warlock to get about halfway through the enemies, then cleaned it up with Shang-Chi, Captain America (Sam), Sharon Carter, Maria Hill and Shuri. This same five started mission 3 knocking about 40% health off of the enemies before being defeated, but I completed the board on my second attack with Ikaris, Sersi, Emma Frost, Jubilee and Silver Samurai.

Mission 4 – City – This mission took two attacks over two days using the same five characters – Shang-Chi, Anti-Venom, Spider-Man (Symbiote), Ghost Spider and Squirrel Girl. My first attack did 37.59m damage and the second finished them off to the tune of 45.5m damage.

Mission 5 – City – This mission was where the challenge set in. This took me five battles and I scored 8m or more damage each time with my best attack at 40m damage using Shang-Chi, Squirrel Girl, Ghost Spider, Anti-Venom and Spider-Man (Symbiotie).

Mission 6 – City – This mission was completed in four attacks using the same team(s) as above.

Mission 7 – Global – Utilizing the same characters and strategy that I used the first time through Mission 7 of Escape the Darkness, I was able to complete this battle in one attempt and get all cooldowns ready for Mission #8.

Mission 8 – Global – I was able to keep my starting five alive and all near full health in the previous battle, so I started Mission #8 ready to attack. The key in the early going is controlling Squirrel Girl’s cleanse, Ms. Marvel’s auto-taunt when an enemy gets below 50% health and surviving Mordo and $ilver $urfer’s AoE attacks. Once SG was down I killed Mordo and kept $$ in check before killing him to open the battle up. From here I was able to fight through the first two waves of enemies, finally getting killed with 34m health remaining, about halfway through the battle.

Mission 9 – Global – This turned out to be a lot trickier than expected as it took me more than 4 tries the second time around, compared to the success of my first go at it. In the final two days I had 10 Global characters at Gear 16 and was able to get two attacks per day and in the end, despite the final three enemies being a touch Doctor Doom & Mister Sinister combo, I was able to prevail in 7 total attacks.

Mission 10 – Cosmic – Adding Dormammu to the mix here is fun, and my first battle got me down to 7 enemies left and just 11m of 58.7m health, so I consider it a success. Day 2 and I am able to clean up the mess I left and win with all of my characters in good shape.

Mission 11 – Cosmic – I get off to a great start kicking out about one-third of the enemies and leaving the on-screen enemies weakened in my first attack, then finish them off with Dormammu and the Eternals surviving the battle as I prevail in my second attack.

Mission 12 – Cosmic – Another strong start here as Dormammu and the Eternals are joined by Doc Strange (Heartless) and Phyla-Vell as I take out 32m health from the enemies and get about 50% done with this mission. My second attack with Dormammu and the Eternals sees $$ and Star-Lord (T’Challa) finish this mission off with ease.

Mission 13 – Legendary – I leave out Jubilee and start with Shuri, Omega Red, Adam Warlock, Morgan Le Fay and Rogue and battle through the fact that Deadpool handles debuffs so well to get a single-attack victory with my entire squad still intact and above 50% health in the end.

Mission 14 – Legendary – Again I start with Shuri, Omega Red, Adam Warlock, Morgan Le Fay and Rogue and have to restart a few times to get the right setup where all of my characters remain alive and well through the first wave of enemies. In the end I leave Cloak for the end of the first group and after finishing him off things do not go well b/c of the debuffs he placed on my team just before I killed him. I flirt with disaster as my team gets picked apart, each time almost having a chance to heal but it never works out. I end up killing the second wave of enemies with MLF on her own, but at 21/33 with MLF against 7 enemies I use only basics to set tomorrow up and allow them to kill her off. The second battle goes much more smoothly as I am careful to refresh cooldowns once each wave of enemies appears to be handled, and I get an easy clear to move on.

Mission 15 – Legendary – I start this battle with all of my characters at 75%+ health and I go right after Doctor Doom. I am able to Ability Block him and re-apply after it wears off, and this sets up a smooth start to this mission. At 24 enemies left I feel it falling apart as I lose Adam Warlock, but I fight on and decide not to just give up and use basics. This proves to be a wise move as I finish this wave off and heal up, then at 18 enemies left I start chipping away at the next wave and I am able to clear them off as well. I am able to get down to 8 enemies left before I lose Shuri. I battle to get past the glowing Doctor Doom and once I do it is just enhanced Fantastic Four enemies left. With just MLF, Rogue and OR left I am able to push through these enemies and survive the Doombots for the motherland of gear and the enhanced Dormammu.

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