SWGoH: Rise of the Empire – Phase 2 Dark Side Fleet Combat Mission

SWGoH - Rise of the Empire Territory Battle

The Rise of the Empire Territory Battle is now into Phase 2 as we look cover this newest piece of content in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Unlike previous Territory Battles in SWGoH, the Rise of the Empire TB features Light Side, Dark Side and Neutral paths and Platoons are now called Operations. On top of that, using a character in Operations requires a minimum Relic level which adds a real wrinkle into the plans for each guild’s Territory Battles lead.

The Rise of the Empire Territory Battle features six Phases which last 24 hours each. Most of the six Phases of the event has a Special Mission rewarding Mk III Guild Event Tokens – in Phases 1, 4, 5 and 6 and Reva (Third Sister) shards in Phase 3.

The following is a Walkthrough of my experiences in Phase 2 that will be updated over time. This Phase 2 Combat Mission on the Dark Side path requires a 7-star Dark Side ships and the reward for winning is 500k Territory Points.


Phase 2 Special Mission Requirements:

  • 7-star Dark Side ships


My Roster of Ships:

  • Total Power – 583k
  • Chimaera – 84,130 power
  • Imperial TIE Bomber  – 45,142 power
  • TIE Advanced x1 – 87,607 power
  • Imperial TIE Fighter – 66,635 power


Phase 2 Fleet Combat Mission Battle Notes:

12.13.22 – Don’t EVER use the Chimaera or this lineup in this battle. The knifed through my team like a scalding hot knife through warm butter. This was terrible – please learn from my mistakes.

Take 2:

My Roster of Ships:

  • Total Power – 486k
  • Malevolence – 83,759 power
  • Hyena Bomber  – 45,142 power
  • Vulture Droid – 45,142 power
  • Sun Fac – 60,751 power


Phase 2 Fleet Combat Mission Battle Notes:

12.14.22 – After yesterday’s embarrassment with the Chimaera I will try with another Dark Side Capital Ship today. With my Executor used on the Neutral Fleet Combat Mission in Phase 3, I decide to go the (near) mirror route with my Malevolence against the event Malevolence. My Vulture Droid and Sun Fac are killed before I take a turn and they take my AoE like a pillow hit them. Hyena drops buzz droids then takes a few hits and survives, so I call in the Geonosian Spy’s ship. I knock Sun Fac down and have his ship in yellow and just as I think I have a shot… they gang up on my Hyena Bomber and kill it, then have a burst attack killing the Geo Spy and I am done.

Assessment – this mission sucks. I am thinking the Executor is your best bet despite being limited to only Dark Side ships. I will know more later this month when the Rise of the Empire Territory Battle returns.

My Roster of Ships:

  • Total Power – 566k
  • Executrix – 73,222 power
  • TIE Advanced x1  – 87,607 power
  • Imperial TIE Fighter – 66,635 power
  • TIE Bomber – 45,142 power
  • Reinforcements: TIE Defender, Emperor’s Shuttle, Guantlet Starfighter & TIE Reaper

02.08.23 – I was about to fight this battle and checked my notes only to find that I have not written about a successful attempt yet, so here we go. Both the Scythe and the TIE/IN Interceptor Prototype were used in Operations, so I am limited in my roster options. My goal here is to make it to reinforcements as the TIE Defender is a game changer in these battle as I witnessed in my Phase 1 Dark Side ship battle.

To the battle, Vader is dead in two hits, the TIE Bomber in one (with two assists) and my TIE Fighter gets foresight, loses it and is almost dead with the Capital Ship ready to attack and not available for a reinforcement. One more enemy attack and the battle is over.

It is pretty clear that this battle is not tuned to anything I have attempted to date as this is so one-sided it is ridiculous.

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