SWGoH: Rise of the Empire – Phase 3 Dark Side Combat Mission with Doctor Aphra

Rise of the Empire Territory Battle - Phase 3 Doctor Aphra - SWGoH

Phase 3 is here in the newest Territory Battles in SWGoH. The Rise of the Empire Territory Battle was launched in December 2022 and unlike previous Territory Battles in SWGoH, the Rise of the Empire TB features Light Side, Dark Side and Neutral paths and Platoons are now called Operations.

The Rise of the Empire Territory Battle features six Phases which last 24 hours each. Each of the six Phases of the event has a Special Mission rewarding Mk III Guild Event Tokens in Phases 1, 4, 5 and 6 and Reva (Third Sister) shards in Phase 3.

The following is a Walkthrough of my experiences in Phase 3 that will be updated over time. Specifically, this covers the Phase 3 Dark Side (bottom right) Combat Mission on Dathomir that that requires Doctor Aphra at Relic 7. Located in the top right of the Phase 3 Dark Side map, this combat mission rewards 341,250 Territory Points.

For more strategy guides for Rise of the Empire Territory Battle in SWGoH, stay here at Gaming-fans.com.


Phase 3 Combat Mission Requirements:

  • Doctor Aphra – Relic 7+


My Roster of Characters:

  • Total Power – 159k
  • Doctor Aphra – Relic 7
  • 0-0-0 – Relic 7
  • BT-1 – Relic 7
  • IG-88 – Relic 7
  • Darth Vader – Relic 7


Phase 3 Dark Side Combat Mission Notes:

03.10.23 – Like the other battles on Dathomir this battle features the stupid Dark Magick event modifier, one of the dumbest RNG-based things I have ever seen in SWGoH. Aphra starts with her AoE and then summons her hacked droid, and BT-1’s AoE attacks start to weaken the enemies. Unlike when facing these Nightsisters in other Phase 3 Dark Side battles, however, this combo of characters and their strong rebuff-heavy AoE attacks, makes quick work of the first wave of enemies thanks to some good modding of BT-1 especially. However the second wave of enemies downright sucks. While trying to get to the special attacks that helped dominate the first wave, the Nightsister make quick work of my team as I settle for 162,500 points. The one good thing that came of this is time. After having fought battles on Dathomir that took 20 minutes plus, this was a 3 minute battle at most.

04.07.23 – Taking what I learned in early March and utilizing my special attacks in a better manner helped me gain max points in mid-March despite not taking down any notes. Today I did the same thing – I save BT-1’s third ability and all of Darth Vader’s specials, including MM, for the second wave of enemies. This was a big help as it allowed me the firepower to weaken the Nightsisters with AoE attacks. In the end this was the difference in a 162,500 point run or a 325k point run as I was able to again gain the 325k for my guild.

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