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Tusken Warrior - SWGoH

Welcome to the best mods for the Tusken Warrior, the latest article in our series about the popular game Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes where we take a look at how to best mod each SWGoH character. While we do not claim to have all of the answers in this game, we do our own research and have used every character we write about extensively. These are mod recommendations based on the character’s kit and actual gameplay to help you in your quest to dominate the Galaxy of Heroes holotables.

Tusken WarriorThe Tuskens aren’t generally known as long-standing fan favorites within the Star Wars galaxy, but the devs saw reason to have two Tuskens in the game at launch and then added Tusken Shaman rather early in the SWGoH timeline. The Disney impact on the Star Wars universe has completely flipped the script on the “sand people,” with The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett allowing us to see more about the lives of the Tuskens. The addition of a GAC 3v3 Omicron for Tusken Raider added a layer of interest for this faction in SWGoH in 2022, but with the Tusken Chieftain and Tusken Warrior coming in early 2023 and the need for the Tuskens in the new Krayt Dragon Raid, expect to see Tuskens all over SWGoH.

Today we’ll be taking a look at the mods for Tusken Warrior. She is described as a “brave and fearless Tusken warrior whose attacks become stronger with Momentum.” Let’s look at what mods and stats you want to emphasize to ensure the Tusken Warrior is as effective as possible in SWGoH.

Main focus: Offense. Tusken Warrior does not have eye-popping offensive statistics with just 3,160 base Physical Damage, but with a basic that strikes twice and a special attack that strikes 5-6 times, she does not need to have big base stats. With all of these attacks and the mounting Defense Down and Critical Damage Up from her first special, simply boosting her Offense with a set of four Offense mods is our recommendation.

Secondary Focus: Speed, Potency, Critical Chance, Critical Damage and survivability in the forms of Defense and Health. Speed is key on any offensive character or team no matter the situation, unless they are like Droideka or Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker‘s weird leader ability. Be sure to get strong Speed secondary stats to boost Tusken Warrior up and then add Potency to land debuffs like Damage Over Time and Defense Down, nothing of course the additional 30% Potency the Tusken Warrior gets through her unique. Add CC and CD to the offense to make it even more effective as a CD-focused triangle is definitely in play. Now for survivability. All Tuskens recover Health whenever the Tusken Chieftain inflicts a Damage Over Time (DoT) on enemies, and under the Chieftain’s leadership Tusken allies gain 20% Defense and Tenacity for each stack on Momentum on them. Enhancing all of these stats will help make Tusken Warrior thicker and harder to kill and make this Tusken team deadly.

In-game Mod Recommendations: Critical Damage & Critical Chance. While I do not agree with this recommendation, I do not disagree either. The Tusken Warrior should get a boost in damage from mods for sure, I just felt like Offense should get the nod over CD mods.


Ideal Mod Setup for Tusken Warrior:

Maximizing stats is the goal of how we use mods and the reason I write these articles and have for 5+ years. For the Tusken Warrior, she will land multiple strikes with her attacks and needs Potency, CC and CD, so I am personally going with an Offense set of four and a CC set of two. What I do know is that high Speed, Potency, CC, CD, Offense and Defense secondary stats are desired. Here is my recommendation for the best mod approach for Tusken Warrior:

  • Transmitter (Square) – Offense/CD mod with Offense primary and a secondary focus on speed, health, potency and offense or critical chance
  • Receiver (Arrow) – Critical Chance mod with Speed primary and a secondary focus on health, potency, offense and defense or health
  • Processor (Diamond) – Offense/CD mod with Defense primary and a secondary focus on speed, offense, health and critical chance or defense
  • Holo-Array (Triangle) – Offense/CD mod with Critical Damage primary and a secondary focus on speed, health, potency and offense or critical chance
  • Data-Bus (Circle) – Critical Chance mod with Health primary and a secondary focus on speed, health, potency and defense or offense
  • Multiplexer (Plus) – Offense/CD mod with Offense primary and a secondary focus on speed, health, defense, offense or critical chance


Image Credits: EA Capital Games & SWGoH.gg

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