Star Wars: Jedi Survivor – Jedha Walkthrough Guide

Jedha - Jedi Survivor

The third planet you explore is Jedha, famous in Star Wars from Rogue One, the best Star Wars movie made by Disney (by far) to date. On Jedha in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor our mission is to find Cere Junda, former member of the Mantis crew who is now off on her own. After running across the sand to avoid some underground sand monster, we start to see how treacherous Jedha’s deserts can be. The planet is a lot of exploring and not a lot to talk about. Eventually you are found by your guide to Cere just as the Empire decides to be a pest. Luckily, the guide is quite helpful – Merrin. The Nightsister is a huge help as she mentions her travels across the galaxy including her home planet of Dathomir, and the two of you move forward in this troy on Jedha. Unlike in Fallen Order, however, you can control who Merrin attacks which is pretty awesome.

We proceed through the Halls of Ranvell and continue with the basic planet exploration that was common in Fallen Order, avoiding big animals, navigating hills, cliffs, jumps and more and unlocking shortcuts so that you can access these ways easier the next time. The Skriton is a boss fight worth noting, and Merrin is a huge help here, as you want to hit it on its right side where the smaller claw resides. The left claw can be broken off but this is a riskier attack move. After this attack you encounter a tall creature that looks like a giant mantis/giraffe/horse called a spannel and you ride it for a few minutes until the sandstorm begins. Next, you have to navigate through the sandstorm to find shelter with Merrin, and as you find a decent area, a AT-ST and Imperials attack.

After the battle, you navigate through the Sheltered Hollow and learn more about Merrin’s story over the past few years. There is clearly something between Cal and Merrin, which is weird if you read the Battle Scars book, and the next morning you find another Stim upgrade.

Thanks he story moves forward and you come to a cave and a major surprise takes place – Eno Cordova greets you. Eno Cordova was Cere Junda’s Jedi Master and was not expected to be alive during this post Revenge of the Sith and Order 66 era. You head through the hidden base, aka the Veiled Hangar, to find Cere and you have to move a ball in the wall from one side to the other to open the door.

Once inside the gang is all back together again along with Eno Cordova and Bode joining them. After some target practice with his new blaster from Bode, Cal heads off on his next quest – to find info on Talanorr on the Shattered Moon of Koboh.

Jedha - Jedi SurvivorReturning to Jedha

Returning to Jedha after exploring the Shattered Moon, we head to the new Jedi archives and talk to all of the people here and give a couple of High Republic relics to Eno Cordova. Here you are tasked with heading to the Pilgrim’s Sanctuary, an ancient temple that was chosen as a safe house for the Pathway. We head outside and hop on a spannel and have to face Imperials right away, with an AT-ST and Probe Droids or two sutaban creatures who attack (pictured, right).

As you progress toward the Pilgrim’s Sanctuary, you can stop and fight the Imperials each time given all of the meditation circles, or you can ride the spannels past them and avoid fights. As you near your destination the Imperials are unavoidable and then you face some incredibly unrealistic climbing alongside the mountain. In the Narkis Highlands you see two TIE Fighters fly overhead and then get to go fight the scorpion-looking beast called a skriton.

Trailhead Pantheon

At the Trailhead Pantheon you and Merrin split up and when you head inside the building structure a sutaban attacks. There is large box behind bars that you have to free by looking up and pulling a cord then using the Force, and you push the block to allow you to jump up into the space where you found the cord and explore to find a Jedha scroll and unlock a shortcut from outside. Next look to the right and swing on the pole and use your wall run, rope and jumping skills to jump onto the round building’s walls and work your way to the right to get up to the open window at the top of the building.

Once the wind will not let you jump, crawl through the wall around to the left, then force pull a block from the cliff to allow this to open, then cross and save at the meditation circle. We will then face Imperials again, starting with a K2 droid, the navigate across to an area where you climb and drop and jump against the wind.

Crypt of Uhrma

There is a save point at the Crypt of Uhrma and as you enter the next building you get to face a new enemy, a DT Sentry Droid. The Sentry Droid has a missile attack that you need to dodge, a rapid fire attack that you can deflect and an electro staff. It seem that fighting this enemy at range is best before finishing him in close combat by cutting off his arms. From here we climb and do some more unrealistic acrobatics to get to the Blustery Mesa where the wind is again a major factor. We can see the temple on the horizon and keep progressing toward it.

While climbing, you can encounter Pili, and by talking to her you advise her of other planets and can expand you garden options.

Jedha Puzzle - Jedi SurvivorAt one point you defeat some Imperials and Cal mentions a rock formation looking familiar and if you look off to the right, you will see the formation he is referring to. Next, head down the lift/elevator and explore the room to find a wall with 8 pillars that can be force pulled, making a puzzle with up, down, down, up as the code. These pillars need to mirror the rock formation as pictured and mentioned, and once you solve it you head down into the tomb. Also, in the tomb, past the door and across the water there is a Stim canister in this room. After this head back to the upper route where we found the rock formation to move on.

More climbing and wind and a wind-assisted jump and you arrive in a hole-in-the-wall Timeworn Bridge where you can rest and save before progressing around the mountain and meeting up with Merrin. Crush some imperials and open a shortcut then a wind-assisted jump into a large circlular door in the side of a cliff and explore the inside the Singing Ruins. Force pull a couple of big blocks and get the middle of the room to lower and the wind makes the ruins “sing” even more, then climb and fall with control and you will blow into a cut scene/memory with Cere. You are back and now in a room where you can now Dash and get across the wind easier. You speak with Merrin and use the new Dash while jumping to pass through the wind.

Sanctuary Temple

With more of the map now able to be explored, you are able to get into Sanctuary Temple and defeat more Imperial Troopers. While exploring the temple the “entrance” is a crack in the wall and you find that there are underground waterways that are well-suited for secrecy. Head to the water and swim beneath the surface through two sections and you will grapple up and you have to solve a puzzle. Start with the cord on the left and connect, then pull the door panel across and disconnect the cord. Pull the left panel back to the left and head to the right where you will force pull the door panel and immediately pull the rope/cord above and walk away with it. If you do so quickly enough the door should slide into place.

In the next room you get a Force echo in the middle of the room and find that Armias was here. Enter the room and talk to Brother Armias who then get smashed by the Empire’s big drill, but Merrin saves the day and gives you a devise to use Nightsister magick through laser gates. Follow Merrin and navigate the crazy jumps around the drill and head in to kill more Stormtroopers and save at the meditation circle. A few more battles with Imperials and we continue on our Bring Contact Codes to Cere objective. We head outside and the hit a dead end as the big drill thing continues the attack and Merrin asks Cal is he trusts her, which he replies yes, and she opens some weird Magick portal and kisses Cal. If you have read Battle Scars about the Mantis crew in the years leading up to Jedi Survivor you may be scratching you head about this, but that’s just Disney doing the Disney thing… A series of Force jumps and dashes and wall runs and more jumps and crazy moves around the drill through the portals and you eventually defeat the drill. Afterwards you get two new cards – “Trust” for both Merrin and Cal.

We next head back to the new Jedi archives to see Cere and Eno Cordova gives us the task to explore the Ruins in the Northern Desert as a side quest, but we have chosen to skip this for now.

Cordova and Bode then discuss the Abyss and how to get across it with a special Abyss Compass. The new objective is to Search for a Compass on Koboh.




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