Jedi Survivor: Where can I find the Stim Canisters?

Jedha - Jedi Survivor

Star Wars: Jedi Survivor has many similar functions to its predecessor, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. One of the most clear similarities is the use of Stims to regenerate health in battle or while exploring the map. While the effectiveness of an individual Stim can be enhanced through the Skill Tree, the idea is simple – take your “heal potion” so that Cal Kestis can recover from damage and fight on. In Jedi Survivor the use of Sims is just as important as it was in Fallen Order, so knowing where to find Stim canisters is quite important to the player base. Searching for where to find a Stim canister upgrade can be quite time consuming and frustrating, so we are here to help make them easier to find.

Where are Stim Canister upgrades in Jedi Survivor?

Stim Canister on Coruscant - Jedi SurvivorHere is a look at where Cal Kestis can find Stim canisters across the planets of Jedi Survivor.

Stims on Coruscant

You start the game on Coruscant, the city-planet where the Jedi Temple once stood and where Emperor Palpatine ruled from. As you progress on Couscant you will find a meditation circle near the Undercity Meats section (pictured). From that meditation circle there is a wall jump and a Security Droid to fight at the top of the wall. Once you defeat him there is a Stim Canister behind him under the large red circle design on the wall.

Stims on Koboh

Koboh is a huge planet in Jedi Survivor, and in the Basalt Rift you will see a Stormtrooper thrown out of a ravine where you find a Mogu, which looks like a black-furred Wampa. From the Mogu you take the path down and to the right and you will find a Stim upgrade.

In Foothill Falls, after you glide across there is a house guarded by three Bedlam Raiders. The house has a metal-like door that we cannot get through and a Stim Canister in the room. You need to grapple to the balloon floating above and jumping down onto the platform below which has a terminal that BD-1 can slice and produces a roller mine. Force the roller mine off the edge into the house through the hole in the roof and it will open the door with the Stim Canister behind it.

In Doma’s Shop, once you have collected 10 priorite shards you can use 10 to buy a card to open her storage room. Unlock it and find a Stim Canister inside.

Stim Canister on Koboh - Jedi SurvivorAnother is found in the Derelict Dam area. After the explosion of the roller mine to get a Force Essence mentioned early in our Koboh walkthrough, if you have the Force lift ability unlocked, you can lift the door and adventure to the Gorocco Matriarch and defeat it to get another Stim Canister as well as another Skill Point from a Force Essence.

Another Stim Canister is in the Diagnostics Corridor, just above the Observatory Understructure. In the Corridor opposite of where you faced the Fist of Rayvis, throw a balloon out the window and grapple to it, then back to the room above that is pictured (left).

The last Stim Canister that we found was on Koboh in the Gorge Crash Site. Near the meditation circle there is a big door that your can Force lift and an elevator you go down. You jump across the tar pits by using the Force to lift rocks and jumping one to the other, then proceed forward and find two Mire Terror enemies. These guys are crazy strong, but a good use of Jedi mind tricks can really help out if you trigger both at the same time. The Stim Canister is available after the fight.

Stims on Jedha

As you navigate through the Sheltered Hollow and learn more about Merrin’s story over the past few years, Merrin and Cal fall asleep. In the morning you find a Stim upgrade canister.

Jedha Puzzle - Jedi SurvivorAt another point you defeat some Imperials up on a cliff and Cal mentions a rock formation looking familiar and if you look off to the right, you will see the formation he is referring to. Next, head down the lift/elevator and explore the room to find a wall with 8 pillars that can be force pulled, making a puzzle with up, down, down, up as the code. These pillars need to mirror the rock formation as pictured and mentioned, and once you solve it you head down into the tomb. Also, in the tomb, past the door and across the water there is a Stim canister in this room.

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