MSF: Dark Dimension VI – Shifting Darkness – Mission #2 Walkthrough & Live Blog

MSF - Dark Dimension 6

The second missions of the Dark Dimension VI – Shifting Darkness has 36 enemies and 293.8 million health to work through. My standard team of Gambit, Kestrel, Titania, Kang The Conqueror will be joined by a rotating trio of Scarlet Spider, Maria Hill and Wong and checks in at over 1.9m power as I continue the Dark Dimension 6 Live Blogs & Walkthroughs.

Waiting in the wings close to Gear 18 are Morgan Le Fay needing 2 pieces of gear, as well as Red Hulk, Doctor Strange (Heartless), Shang-Chi, Sharon Carter and Captain America (Sam) each needing three gear pieces. I am also getting Apocalypse upgraded and geared for the Global and Legendary fights, so seeing him join this group in a week or so would not be a big surprise.

My first attack will surely be ugly and puts me at 1.926m power with Gambit, Kestrel, Wong, Kang and Maria after losing SS and Titania in my final battle of Mission #1. Kestrel is dead before taking a turn and Ghost Rider is definitely going to be my target despite being overmatched so badly early. I end up getting a single basic attack from Kang on GR and a bunch of Gambit counters to weaken GR a bit before they kill me with ease, leaving 36 enemies and 292.8m health.

Attack #2 of many, and I have my starting 4 of Gambit, Kang, Titania and Kestrel back as I test things out with Wong as my 5th member and like the result, hitting Ghost Rider hard and getting Defense Down on him with Kang and getting him to red health. Unfortunately killing GR is not going to happen today, but I do knock 16m health off of the enemies in my second attack, so I am hoping to finish him off tomorrow.

My 3rd attack is one I have to restart a few times, not just because the enemies are tough, but t see where I want to go strategically. As anyone who has read my walkthroughs knows, I go after healers who can kill off my progress. So after killing GR early, while Kate Bishop is easily the weakest remaining on the screen, Squirrel Girl is here and I want to finish her off. I try both routes and settle in on going after SG, eventually getting enough attacks in to make her the weakest on-screen and allow the Gambit attacks to hit her. In the end I die of course, but after solid progress, leaving 35 enemies and 275m health after a poorly-timed SG heal at the end.

Attack 4 as I continue to push a lot harder for better characters for this game mode in the background, and I get to attack after 5 enemy turns. Gambit does his job and targets SG, so now the rest of my team will too. Kestrel adds Defense Down after Kang hits SG, and while Gambit finishes her off, I do not get another turn after his ultimate. In the end, 34 enemies and 268m health remain.

I take a couple of hits and Gambit makes one of two Thor enemies the obvious target, so I follow suit. I Ability Block Sif just before she takes a turn and kill the target Thor as 33 enemies remain, 5 on-screen, and target the left side of Kate Bishop and the other Thor. With Kate as the new weakest member I land a few hits before losing Kestrel, I get Kate into red health, lose SS and Kang, then finish her off before new enemies reinforce as there are now 10 enemies on-screen and 32 left to kill. It takes only a couple of attacks for the enemies to finish me off from here leaving 32 enemies and 256m health to go.

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