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The Pieces & Plans BB-8 Legendary event is set to start in a few hours, and our Director of Content will live blog his efforts. Much like his live blog of the Artist of War Grand Admiral Thrawn event, LJ will detail the characters used, levels, gear levels, mods, mod types and mod levels for each of the five First Order members used in the event to (hopefully) unlock BB-8.

The original BB-8 event is set to start at 3 am ET and LJ plans to have his results posted by noon ET on Thursday. Keep checking back and hit “refresh” in your browser for updates to this page with all details below and be sure to add your comments below on your experiences as well.

December 2017 Update: The addition of the Mythic Event to BB-8’s Pieces & Plans event means new content and an incredibly difficult 3rd tier. Check out our walkthrough video of the Mythic Event here at Gaming-fans.com by clicking the link above.

Tiers 1-6 were actually more difficult than I expected – the easy thing to notice immediately is the SPEED of the Resistance toons, Veteran Smuggler Han Solo & Chewbacca included (even though they are not Resistance?). First Order SWGoH - Unlock BB-8Using the team below the first 5 tiers were still easy since you can absorb their shots, something that is important given you get attacked 5 times before you get a chance to do anything. The Tier 6 attempt saw my First Order Stormtrooper lose all of his protection, but the win was never in doubt. All of the Tier 1-6 attempts were with fully maxed mods – for Tier 7 I am going to test things out with lesser mods since my toons are all Gear 11 already as I want to give the readers more variables to consider. With that having been said, here we go with the Tier 7 Pieces & Plans attempt to unlock BB-8 fighting the Resistance with a Zeta Finn lead.


Pieces & Plans – Attempt #1

  • CharactersCaptain Phasma (L), Kylo Ren, First Order Officer, First Order Stormtrooper, First Order TIE Pilot
  • Gear – All 5 @ Gear 11
  • Speed – Phasma 164, Kylo 165, FOO 203, FOST 126, FOTP 177
  • Zetas – Only on Kylo Ren
  • Phasma Mods – 1 @ 1 dot, 1 @ 3 dots & 4 @ 5 dots – CC, Health & Potency mods – 1 5-dot Health mod on level 1, all other mods maxed
  • Kylo Ren Mods – All @ 5 dots – Potency and CC mods – 1 Potency mod at level 1 and 1 at level 9, all other mods maxed
  • FOO Mods – 2 @ 4 dots, 4 @ 5 dots – CD & Potency mods – all mods maxed
  • FOST Mods – 2 @ 4 dots, 4 @ 5 dots – Potency & CC mods – all mods maxed
  • FOTP Mods – 2 @ 4 dots, 4 @ 5 dots – CD & Health mods – 4-dot mods at levels 1 & 9, 5-dot mods maxed

BB-8 went first applying Secret Intel onto Finn and Rey. Now attacking, I focused first on VS Han Solo and took him out. Using Phasma’s Victory March special to grant TM to all allies, I then has FOST taunt and focused on Chewie and eliminated him rather quickly. Kylo stunned Rey and got rid of her protection, but BB-8 used his special and green icons appeared everywhere. Then Finn landed Expose debuffs all over my team and I somehow do still have a chance to attack. I was able to take out Rey leaving just Finn and BB-8 to defeat. Since none of the 11 buffs between the two characters are Tenacity Up, I used Kylo’s Outrage special to try to stun Finn and swung and missed. Focusing now on Finn, it was clear that the Resistance toons are not nearly as fast as the previous tiers. I finally got another turn from Kylo and stunned Finn and finished him off after 7-8 hits. This is where a Zeta on Captain Phasma or FOST would have come in handy since the extra attacks do not require added turns. Stunning BB-8 with another Outrage from Kylo, the light at end of the tunnel is in front of me. Despite having Foresight, I was able to continually attack a stunned BB-8 and finish him off with ease. Only FOST had lost his protection when things wrapped up.

With BB-8 now unlocked it is time to put the best mods on BB-8 possible to maximize his abilities in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.


BHG Black Sun Guild Officer and Gaming-fans.com Staff Writer Sparrow has submitted the info that helped him unlock BB-8 at 7-stars as well. Details:

Pieces & Plans – Sparrow

  • Characters – Captain Phasma (L), Kylo Ren, First Order Officer, First Order Stormtrooper, First Order TIE Pilot
  • Levels – Phasma, Kylo Ren, FOO at level 85, FOST & FOTP at level 80
  • Gear – Kylo Ren @ Gear 11, Phasma & FOO at Gear 10, FOST & FOTP at Gear 8
  • Zetas – Only on Kylo Ren

Sparrow’s notes included that while his characters were maxed out, he never lost a battle, defeating the Resistance in his first try. In the final, Tier 7 battle, only Kylo Ren was left and his Zeta ability to recover protection was the key. While he says he thinks that with good rng it could have been beaten without the Zeta on Kylo, I personally am high on Kylo’s Zeta and feel it is always a good investment.


Pieces & Plans – Woodroward

  • Characters – Captain Phasma (L), Kylo Ren, First Order Officer, First Order Stormtrooper, First Order TIE Pilot
  • Levels – Phasma 75, Kylo Ren 82, FOO 75, FOST 75, FOTP 75
  • Gear – FOTP @ Gear 9, others at Gear 8
  • Zetas – none

As for speed FOO 230, FOTP 175, CP 151, KR 139, and FOST 118.

Woodroward’s notes stated – First Order Officer would go first and fill Kylo’s turn meter. Kylo would stun Rey, which hopefully would lead to her dying before actually attacking. From there it was focused damage on the kill order I was following using my offensive specials on cooldown. I avoided taunting with FOST unless FOTP or Kylo were low on health.

I breezed through the first five tiers. Tier 6 hung me up until I leveled Kylo Ren from 78 to 82 and put the omega on his basic. I beat it the first try after doing so. Every time my kill order was Rey, Han, Chewie, BB8, Finn. I beat tier 7 on the 3rd try.

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  1. How did Woodroward get FOO at 230 speed?!?
    I have managed to get him from 137 to 178 speed with 4 5star-mods.

    • The key is the speed from the secondary stats of those mods. A 5-dot mod is nice, but a 5-dot mod with a +11 speed as a secondary is what you are looking for.

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