STR: Phase 2 Teams & Strategy

Phase 2 features Darth Sion as the boss and the introduction of the Cycle of Pain and Cycle of Suffering, as well as the phase ability Soothe.

I have tested out a variety of different squads in Phase 2 of the Tier 5 and 6 levels of the Sith Triumvirate Raid, and together with my Guildmates, community feedback and my fellow GameChangers here is what I have found:


Squads That Work Well in Phase 2:

Zeta Rey (Jedi Training) lead with zBB-8, zR2-D2, Rey (Scavenger) and Hermit Yoda – Once again, as you will continue to read if you click on each phase’s guide, RJT is the dominant leader in the Sith Triumvirate Raid. This RJT team adds Hermit Yoda in place of Resistance Trooper, but this is not a team that most running the Heroic STR can use given RJT is the Phase 1 queen.

Leia Spam – Admiral Ackbar (lead), Grand Admiral Thrawn, Princess Leia, General Kenobi and a healer can put up over 1% in the Heroic Sith Raid, and well over 2% with the right healer. Jawa Engineer and Visas Marr work well in the healer role, but the ideal healer is Hermit Yoda. More on this team is below in the Heroic notes, however the key is keeping Leia and GK alive and “spamming” Sion with hit after hit after hit.

Jedi (Bastila lead) – While a lot of Zetas are needed for this team, a Bastila lead with Ezra Bridger, General Kenobi, GM Yoda and Hermit Yoda can do over 4 million damage in the Heroic STR. More on this team in this video from GameChanger AhnaldT101.

Snippet in SWGoH STRSnippet – Chief Chirpa lead with Logray, Wicket, Ewok Elder and Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum)EA SWGoH GameChanger DBofficial125’s quest to find additional teams that are effective in the Sith Triumvirate Raid pays off using characters not otherwise needed in other areas of the STR. This combination of Ewoks and Fulcrum Ahsoka can put up 1.5-2 million damage in the Tier 6 version and is quite promising – see the video linked in the graphic on the right.

Phoenix – The Phoenix Squadron with at least 1-2 Zetas is a team that continues to impress more and more. Using Hera as the lead (please never admit it if you ever use any other Phoenix toon as a lead…) with Ezra, Sabine, Zeb and Kanan, this team can do some serious damage to Darth Sion with the right parameters. The Zeta on Kanan’s Total Defense is key and Sabine’s Demolish is nice as well, as I have personally hit over 1 million in the past three HSTRs for my guild (over 2%). Gearing the Phoenix toons, especially Kanan, is key as you have to keep him alive as long as possible with Ezra and Sabine handling the big damage. More below in the HSTR section.

Empire/Sith & Healer – A team of strong characters that didn’t “fit” my other squads that performs well is the combination of Emperor Palpatine (lead) with Darth Nihilus, Grand Moff Tarkin, Royal Guard and a healer. I use Visas Marr on this team given I invested heavily into her for the STR, so feel free to comment below on your findings. The goal for this team in the HSTR is 1% and I see it hit the 450-600k range consistently. The key is keeping RG alive while Nihilus works to land no fewer than two Annihilate special attacks.

Bounty Hunters (Boba Fett or Bossk Lead) – A couple of Bounty Hunter teams are viable in the STR as GameChanger AhnaldT101 shows us in this video. One has a Bossk lead to add survivability while the other, higher offensive options is a Boba Fett lead. Check out his video for more. Basically you can use Bossk, Boba Fett, Dengar, Greedo and IG-88 or mix in another character like Death Trooper.

Jedi with Bastila Shan Lead – Once again, AhnaldT101 shows us how to make this team work. It consists of a Bastila lead with General Kenobi, Ezra Bridger, Hermit Yoda and Grand Master Yoda. Properly modded and geared this team can do over 4 million damage in the HSTR.


Heroic STR Notes for Phase 2:

A full Phoenix squad with Zetas on Sabine Wren and Kanan Jarrus (no Chopper) is one of the recommended options by Heroic guilds to clear around 1%. If you are choosing between who to give the Zeta to first, make it Kanan over Sabine as I saw a much more significant boost in survivability with his Zeta in the HSTR. In addition, an all-Ewok squad featuring Chief Chirpa lead, Ewok Scout, Ewok Elder, Wicket and Logray can also clear around 1% of the Phase with the proper Zetas. Without Zetas and well-geared 0.50% is attainable.

While those teams can work, the gem in Phase 2 is the Leia Spam team mentioned above, but the keys are maxing out Princess Leia (her Gear 12 pieces are quite valuable) and getting the most survivability out of the other characters in the lineup. I have used Admiral Ackbar (lead), Grand Admiral Thrawn, Princess Leia, General Kenobi and Jawa Engineer and had success knocking off around 1.5% in p2 of the HSTR, but switching to Hermit Yoda was even more effective. Replacing a Gear 11 JE with a Gear 10 (no Zeta) HYoda boosted my score from 1.5% to 2%, but adding a Zeta to Hermit Yoda‘s Strength Flows From the Force special took it to the next level. The reduced cooldown and added Jedi Foresight and Protection gain from the Zeta was key to keeping GK alive longer which meant Leia got to “spam” Sion with more hits and thus boost the score significantly – Phase 2 HSTR runs score 1.8-2.2 million consistently with this team. Here is our latest video on SWGoH Leia Spam with Hermit Yoda in Phase 2 of the Heroic STR.

Another option in the Heroic STR is the Jedi team listed above with Bastila Shan at lead. Several Zetas are needed but the team can do over 4m damage with the right parameters in place.



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Some Heroic tips & content thanks to documents made public by Ep0cH73 of The Republic and by Anex and The ALLiΔNCE of ØRØ. Special thanks to DBofficial125 for the Snippet content and video.


Last Update: 08.24.18