SWGoH GameChangers: Details on Wicket Announced

SWGoH - Ewoks

As part of EA’s GameChangers program, Gaming-fans.com is pleased to announce the details on the final Ewok (that we know of) in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes – Wicket W. Warrick. Described as a “Jittery Ewok Attacker with Critical Hit and Stealth synergies” he is obviously a member of the Light Side, an Ewok and is classified as an Attacker.

Here is a look at Wicket’s maxed SWGoH abilities:

  • Inquisitive Jab (Basic) – Deal Physical damage to target enemy and gain Critical Chance Up for 2 turns. If an Ewok ally calls Wicket to Assist, they also gain Critical Chance Up for 2 turns.
  • Forest Ambush (Special) – Deal Physical damage to all enemies. Ewok allies gain 10% Turn Meter for each Critical Hit scored. (Cooldown 3)
  • Guerrilla Strike (Special) – Deal Physical damage to target enemy and call target other ally to Assist. If the target ally is an Ewok, Wicket and target ally gain Stealth for 2 turns. If the target ally is an Ewok, Wicket and target ally gain Critical Damage Up for 2 turns. (Cooldown 3)
  • Furtive Tactics (Unique) – Wicket gains 10% Critical Damage for each living Ewok ally and each Stealthed ally. At the end of his turn, Wicket has a 50% chance to take another turn. This chance is reduced to 10% if this effect triggered in the previous turn. With Zeta – Whenever Wicket scores a Critical Hit, all Ewok allies recover 4% Health and 2% Protection.

There are a lot of notable items there that I am sure our SWGoH YouTube friends will be happy to break down, and we will do so when the best Mods for Wicket article is ready. In the meantime, Paploo and Logray’s abilities have been live for more than 36 hours now, so based on the in-game text we have prepared a Best Mods for Paploo and a Best Mods for Logray article for those interested. Of course we will review these with actual gameplay to ensure that it all matches up.

So this concludes all areas of the Ewok Faction Pass and the addition of the three new Ewoks. What are your thoughts? Leave your comments below.

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