Fine Tuning SWGoH: Volume 2 – Fleet Arena Store


Welcome to Fine Tuning SWGOH.

Last week we started off soft and easy as we took a look at sim tickets and their place in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, and how you can build your stockpile. This week we will take a look at something much more controversial – the Fleet Arena Store. Now before you all get your pitchforks and torches out just promise you will read the whole article.

I propose that Zeta Materials be removed from the (what we used to call the ) Fleet Shop, now referred to as the Fleet Arena Store. Now I know what you are thinking, Zeta Materials are essential to the game, they open the door to abilities that increase your raid scores by huge margins and for many of you there are 3 or more Zetas in use on your arena team right now. All of this is absolutely correct, Zetas are essential to the game as it currently is, even more than this the Fleet Arena Store is the most reliable source of Zetas.

Even if you have unlocked and beaten the Zeta challenge, odds are you have had several weeks where you got 0/12 possible Zetas (3 days x 2 attempts x 0-2 zetas per attempt) and there are certainly a few who have even gotten them in the 6-12 range for a given week. So yes, we rely on the Fleet Arena Store for Zetas. And if you make the Top 500 in Fleet Arena you can do just over 1 Zeta every two days. Even if you don’t make the Top 500 you will still get 900 per day (including daily activities). So no wonder we spend all our fleet currency on Zeta Materials.

As long as the Zeta Materials remain to tempt us, the vast majority of players will never use fleet currency to start conquering the gear barriers we all face. Yes, gear is important, but zetas are more important.

That is why I propose they remove Zetas from the Fleet Arena Store – let everyone spend those 900 fleet tokens per day (minimum) buying stun cuffs and stun guns, fleshing out their rosters, and buying more ships shards. Think about it, every two days you can get 15 stun cuff salvage if you make the bare minimum of fleet currency. That is under a week to get a full cuff or gun in addition to your normal farming. Now that can make a real difference for many of us.

So this is turning out to be a shorter article than my first, and while I want to only touch on one thing at a time I cant leave this unaddressed. If Zetas leave the Fleet Arena Store how will we get Zetas? Well to combat this I suggest two things:

  1. Set the challenge to drop a minimum of one Zeta per attempt, that’s 6 per week, and if luck/RNG is on your side maybe even 8 or 9 in a week.
  2. Add a Zeta challenge on the weekends alternating from the Omega challenge, but have it drop 2 Zetas each day, this way you collect 16+ Zetas every two weeks.

For most people, with a little luck, you will get Zetas at the same pace you always did, but you will also get more gear.
And for those who think Zetas should be more exclusive and hard to get, well I agree with you. And that is why propose that the weekend Zeta battles should be a fair bit harder than Omega battles. Now I am not saying brutally hard, but I can’t remember the last time I could not win an Omega battle on auto.

Until next time, this has been Fine Tuning SWGoH.


By Sparrow
BHG Black Sun Guild Officer Staff Writer

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