SWGoH: Territory Battles – Mission Types Explained

Territory Battles - SWGoH

With the second Territory Battle in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes quickly approaching, the time has come to update our speculative articles with confirmed information. Here is  an updated look at the mission types in Territory Battles – Hoth.


SWGoH - Territory BattlesDeployment Missions:

While a mission in its own right, deployment also has a major impact on the rest of a phase. Characters must be deployed to be used in a territory, and cannot be deployed in any other territory during the same phase. Before deploying units however, you should first check what units are required for each different territory in a phase, to ensure you can use them at the right time.


Combat Missions:

Combat missions involve facing off against six waves of enemies. Each wave defeated earns Territory Points for your guild, with the amount increasing each wave. If you don’t complete all six waves, you still gain points for the waves you defeat. You cannot however, leave a battle after you start – doing so will forfeit the mission and any earned territory points.

The units you can use in each combat mission vary, but Light Side and Rebel characters are commonly needed. Hoth Rebel Scout and Hoth Rebel Soldier specifically are needed for some combat missions, and may receive stat bonuses.

Additionally, there are multiple ship battles, which are restricted to Light Side units.

Platoon Missions:

Platoon missions appear to be fairly simple. Six platoons of 15 specific characters need to be filled, for a total of ninety units. These units will have a star level requirement, which will depend on which phase is active.

Territory Battles - SWGoHEach guild member can contribute ten units to each platoon mission, so tracking who can supply which units and coordinating to fill each platoon is essential to success.

Platoon missions require random units, drawn from a pool of light side characters.

Platoon missions award Territory Points, but can also unlock extra abilities. Completing two platoons will unlock a special ability, another two will upgrade it to tier two, and filling all six platoons will boost the special ability to tier three.

Some of these special abilities can be used in certain combat missions to weaken enemies, the rest give passive bonuses. These special abilities and passive bonuses apply be used by the entire guild, making completion much easier.


Special Missions:

Special missions are similar to combat missions, but designed to be much harder. Special missions have fewer waves, stronger enemies, strict character requirements, and can only be attempted once each per Territory Battle.

Unlike combat and platoon missions, special missions do not reward Territory Points. Instead, each special mission has a unique reward. Each player who completes a special mission increases the reward, which all guild members receive.

So far, we know there are three special missions:

  • One in Phase 3, which requires Captain Han Solo, Hoth Rebel Soldier, and 7* light side characters. This special mission awards Rebel Officer Leia Organa shards – one for every victory – to all members participating in the Territory Battle.
  • There are two other special missions we know about at this time. One is in Phase 5 and requires Commander Luke Skywalker, accompanied by 6* light side characters. The other, in Phase 6, needs Captain Han Solo and Rebel Officer Leia Organa, as well as 7* light side characters. These two special missions award bonus Guild Event Tokens.


So is your Guild ready for the launch of Territory Battles? Be sure to check out our tips for success in Territory Battles – Hoth for help on which characters to farm, mod and gear and be sure to keep checking back here at Gaming-fans.com for more!


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