SWGoH GameChangers: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 set to invade SWGoH

SWGoH - Darth Sion vs Visas Marr

For days, the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes community has be clamoring to know what is going on behind the scenes with the future of SWGoH. It was well-known that several GameChangers were flown out to Sacramento to the EA Capital Games headquarters last week, Gaming-fans.com Director of Content LJ included, and we are all pleased to finally be able to release some of that information (as well as new info on Wednesday the 28th about the Sith Triumvirate Raid).

The Month of Sith is what we dubbed February after 2017 saw the introduction of Darth Nihilus and 2018 has already seen a solid rework of both Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader along with the addition of Sith Marauder, but the nickname will have even more to back it up now. Darth Sion, The Lord of Pain, is the newest Sith, and one former Dark Side follower, Visas Marr, will also be added to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes in the near future. While we are not yet able to tell you the exact date(s) of these additions, Darth Sion along with Visas Marr, both of Knights of the Old Republic 2, will both be joining us via separate Marquee Events. Thanks to EA/CG’s SWGoH GameChangers program, Gaming-fans.com is pleased to have collected gameplay footage of both characters which is embedded into this article on the right.

Darth Sion was a member of the Sith Triumvirate in Knights of the Old Republic 2 along with Darth Nihilus and Darth Traya, and has a kit that parallels his pain and suffering in KOTOR 2 and sees him get stronger throughout the battle. Meanwhile, Visas Marr, the former apprentice of Darth Nihilus, is a light side healer with a red lightsaber who has some nice anti-Sith abilities. Let’s take a look at both characters and their kits as well as the videos made by our SWGoH GameChangers friends.

Darth Sion detailsVisas Marr detailsGameChanger videos

Darth Sion

Dark Side – Sith – Tank
Aggressive Sith tank that becomes stronger with Hatred

Deal Physical damage to target enemy and inflict Pain for 3 turns. If the target already had Pain, Dispel all debuffs on Sion.
Pain: This unit takes bonus damage from Darth Sion

SWGoH - Darth Sion

Special 1: TORMENT
Deal Physical damage to all enemies and then Dispel all buffs on them. Then, inflict Pain on all enemies for 3 turns. Then, reduce the cooldown of this ability by 1 for each enemy without Pain. This attack can’t be Evaded.

Special 2: BREAK WILL
Deal Physical damage and inflict Pain on target enemy for 3 turns. This attack can’t be Evaded. If the target already had Pain, this attack deals 100% more damage and Sion recovers 35% Protection.

Sion Dispels all debuffs on himself, recovers 100% Health and gains 100% Turn Meter. Sion gains Hatred until he is defeated, which can’t be Dispelled or prevented. This ability starts on cooldown. When Sion inflicts Pain, reduce the cooldown of this ability by 1. (Cooldown 15)
Hatred: +25% Critical Chance, +100% Defense and +100% Offense. When this unit is defeated, they revive with 100% Health, and gain 100% Turn Meter.

(ZETA) Sion has +100% Defense and +100% Tenacity against enemies with Pain. At the start of each enemy’s turn, if they have Pain, Sion gains Taunt until the end of the turn. At the end of each turn, Sion inflicts Pain for 3 turns on enemies who damaged him that turn. When allied Darth Traya or Darth Nihilus are Critically Hit, reduce Held By Hatred’s Cooldown by 1.

Visas Marr

Light Side – Healer
Offensive healer with strong anti-Sith synergy

Deal Physical damage to target enemy and Dispel all debuffs on Visas and another random debuffed ally. If the target is Sith, Visas Marr and her lowest-Health ally also recover 25% Max Health. If any debuffs were dispelled, reduce the cooldown of Dark Healing by 1.

SWGoH - Visas Marr

Deal Physical damage to all enemies. All allies gain Health Steal Up for 1 turn and recover Health equal to 35% of Visas Marr’s Max Health. If Visas Marr is at full Health after using this ability, revive a random defeated ally at 50% Health. (Cooldown 8)

Deal Physical damage to target enemy and grant all allies Defense Penetration Up for 2 turns. This attack ignores Protection. (Cooldown 4)

(With ZETA) While Visas Marr has no debuffs, she has +100% Counter Chance and a 60% chance to Assist when another ally attacks Sith enemies (limit once per turn). (Note that this ability may be changed slightly before release.)

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SWGoH GameChanger Videos for Darth Sion & Visas Marr

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