SWGoH: Rey’s Hero’s Journey to Return June 14th

Rey Jedi Training - SWGoH

Updated at 1:59 pm ET:

Rumors were abound this morning in the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes community, and the latest came from datamined information according to @SWGOHevents on Twitter. SWGoH - RJT eventThe account was reporting that “Rey’s Hero’s Journey has been datamined to be returning June 14th,” according to a tweet published around 7 am ET today. While none of this had been made official by EA or CG nor had I received confirmation from my contacts at Capital Games at the time of the original publication, it has since been confirmed on the EA Forums. Given the fact that we already knew the BB-8 Pieces & Plans event would be at the same time, this is quite logical and fits to the pattern of how CG releases information.

For SWGoH players who are not prepared and can use the extra time to get ready you are encouraged to do so as Rey (Jedi Training), aka RJT and incorrectly aka JTR, is a true “game changer” in this game.

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