MSF: Fear The Darkness Live Blog – Mission 10

MSF - Fear The Darkness #10

Fear The Darkness is the ultimate endgame content in Marvel Strike Force, and I began fighting about two weeks ago with each board taking 1-3 days to complete for the most part. While I admitted before that this team (below) may not be an ideal team makeup for this game mode, I am going to live blog my daily attempts as I look to defeat the Dark Dimension and open Ultron.

MSF - Fear The Darkness #10Also be sure to check out the video linked in the graphic below from Marvel Strike Force Envoy YouTuber Khasino as he reviews Fear The Darkness Battles 10, 11 and 12 in the video linked. Note that Khasino’s content is Rated PG-13 (language).


My Fear The Darkness eligible characters:

  • Black Panther – 70,663 power, Level 70, Gear 13, Abilities Levels 6-6-6-5 – 7 Stars, 6 Red Stars
  • Minn-erva – 52,249 power, Level 70, Gear 13, Ability Levels 6-6-6-5 – 6 Stars, 4 Red Stars
  • Black Widow – 50,719 power, Level 70, Gear 13, Ability Levels 6-6-6-4 – 6 Stars, 4 Red Stars
  • Thanos – 50,173 power, Level 70, Gear 13, Ability Levels 6-6-6-5 – 7 Stars, 2 Red Stars
  • Captain Marvel – 48,132 power, Level 70, Gear 13, Ability Levels 7-6-6-5 – 6 Stars, 2 Red Stars
  • Nick Fury – 61,554 power, Level 70, Gear 13, Ability Levels 6-6-7-5 – 6 Stars, 5 Red Stars


Fear The Darkness – Mission 10

Deadpool, 2.37 million power

06.30.19 – The 8 enemies we start with are 2 Dardevils, Deadpool, 2 Spider-Man, Ant-Man and 2 Hulks. These enemies have a ton of offense that hits multiple characters, so I am weakened from the start. I start by attacking Deadpool, being careful not to debuff him, only to get caught on Hulk attacks. While I make some progress I lose Thanos and have Minn-erva in the red with 100% speed bar/turn meter, but apparently so do several enemies as about 3-4 hits later she is killed, still with 100% TM. Now just looking to make a dent I finally go down with 7 of 8 enemies still with green health and only Deadpool in the yellow.

07.01.19 – All 33 enemies are still on the board and I feel that I have to keep working on Deadpool, the lone character with yellow health. Three hits and he is in the red, but then they start their attacks and already my Minn-erva is stunned. I lose both Black Widow and Captain Marvel but ME revives BW and my focus is now on one of the Spider-Man enemies as Deadpool is down. These multi-attacks from Spider-Man, Daredevil, Ant-Man, Deadppol and event Hulk are brutal. While I am able to get Spider-Man into the red, I lose ME and I’m playing for tomorrow now. A few hits later I am dead and barely made any progress…

07.02.19 – I was warned about this one. It’s living up to the hype (unfortunately). 32 of 33 enemies remain with 7 on the screen and I need to eliminate these multi-hit enemies. My first 7 hits all go on the Spider-Man in red health and he finally dies with Ant-Man, both Daredevils and a Hulk with yellow health. I am focusing attacks on a Daredevil now but a Hulk taunt slows down the progress. I survive through it and I am able to take out Daredevil. Ant-Man is the focus now, but the other Hulk taunts – go figure. Captain Marvel takes care of the taunt and Ant-Man is once again atop my hit list and goes down after 5 more hits. This leaves me with Daredevil with red health and Spider-Man and 2 Hulks with yellow health. A Hulk Smash kills off Thanos, but I revive him and take out the last Spider-Man. However 2 Deadpools and Luke Cage replace him making sure this remains difficult.

28 of 33 enemies remain with the 6 on-screen – Daredevil, 2 Hulks, 2 Deadpools and a Luke Cage. Only four hits and Daredevil is dead then I focus on smashing a Hulk to make it 26 enemies left and 4 on-screen, but 2 Daredevils and a Hydra Scientist join the party. I am focusing my attacks on one of the Deadpools now, careful to use the basic from Minn-erva on the Hydra Scientist (HS) instead to avoid the bleeds on Deadpool. I am able to take down Deadpool leaving 5 on the screen with only HS below green health. As a result the healer has to go next. Luke Cage taunts to mess me up a bit but Captain Marvel dispels the taunt and I am back to work on HS, but ME is yellow health and Nick Fury red. I am two turns away from a ME heal, so my fingers are crossed. Deadpool finished off Fury, but ME has her revive ready with one turn until the heal, so I revive Fury and heal ME a bit which is a help. A few hits later ME gets the heal to bring all of my team to full health and HS is down at the same time. This leaves Luke Cage, 2 Daredevils and a Deadpool, and I am going to focus on Deadpool offensively. My focus on Deadpool is gaining me attacks on one Daredevil, and the Captain Marvel attacks are a nice help as 3 of the 4 are now in the red for health and one Daredevil is now yellow. My goal here is to setup the next wave of enemies with a few early kills to add to my sustainability. I get all 4 to red health and I am going to finally take out a Daredevil and see what kind of reinforcements appear… I kill off Daredevil and regret it almost instantly as a Deadpool flying slash special attack has my ME with red health… Two attacks later Deadpool is down, ME heals a bit, 5 reinforcements arrive and ME gets to heal the team which also kills off the remaining Daredevil and Luke Cage. Of course this prompts more reinforcements so the plan kinda backfired…

Now 19 of 33 enemies remain with 8 on the screen – a HS, Groot, Hulk, Daredevil, Deadpool, Spider-Man, Luke Cage and Crossbones. As much as I want to work on Crossbones, who will surely ruin my solid run here, the HS and Groot will mess me up more long-term so I need to start chipping away at them both. Taunts from both Crossbones and Hulk are a real curveball here as I cannot touch the healers for now. Several hits later Crossbones explodes and while Thanos is red now, the others are still in decent shape, but Hulk is still taunting and HS has healed twice. Now Luke Cage is taunting and for the first time in this entire Fear The Darkness run I feel like I cannot beat the board anytime soon. Highly frustrated, I just keep chipping away… While ME gets a heal to bring my team back to near full health, the taunts are disheartening. HS is yellow health and I am spinning my wheels with the rest of this group. Thanos dies and is revived, and just as I get HS to red health he is healed, then I work to get hm to red again, and he is healed to yellow again… Several attacks later I get HS to red again only to have Crossbones explode and kill Fury and leave the other 4 in the red, a hit or two away from dead. Thanos taunts and gets killed, Captain Marvel uses her ultimate then gets killed and ME uses her basic to kill the HS and dies on the next attack. Three hits later Black Widow is dead, but at least one of the two healers is down as 18 enemies will await me tomorrow.

07.03.19 – Back at it today as I am about halfway through Mission #10 of Fear The Darkness. Let’s jump right in…

My five remain consistent as I am facing 7 bad guys – Luke Cage, Daredevil, Groot, Spider-man, Crossbones, Deadpool and Hulk, all with green health. Groot is the focus to remove the healer from the team, and I try to control the enemies with a stun on Crossbones to slow down his explosions. It takes a few hits, but I get Groot below 50% health and then get him to red before he heals the team and is yellow again. Another stun on Crossbones and a Hulk taunt forces Captain Marvel to dispel, and a few hits later CM’s ultimate nearly sets up the death of Groot. But a Deathproof followed my Crossbones taunting screws up my plans once again. I lose Thanos, then revive him again, and follow with a third stun of Crossbones from Black Widow which chains to add bleed to multiple enemies, Groot included. Apparently that was enough to chop down the tree as he is out of the way (finally). Now my goal is to kill off Crossbones, who is stunned, but has over 60% health right now. Luke Cage and Hulk both taunt, putting me in a tough spot given Crossbones is gaining turn meter, and Deadpool does that dang flying slash thing to kill off Minn-erva. Knowing what this means, I am now in weakening mode as I look to make tomorrow’s batter more successful. 17 of 33 enemies will remain when I fight on Independence Day, with Spider-Man and Crossbones in the red and 4 others with below 50% health.

07.06.19 – After taking two days off due to a crazy family schedule, the holiday and general forgetfulness, I am trying to fit this attack in while the kids swim at a neighbor’s house. While I am not sure if this is dedication to the game or poor parenting, I like to think the former…

8.3m of 21m enemy health remains as I head into battle. Since Spider-Man and Crossbones are in the red I take them out first, but as soon as Spidey is down, a Hydra Scientist, Ant-Man and another Crossbones join the party. I take out the weaker Crossbones and decide that the newer Crossbones poses a big threat to my long-term stability here. That proves to be good thinking, but I am unable to execute slowing him down and take a big hit from his explosion. I am able to control Crossbones after this, even landing a stun on him as his health dips to red, and the AoEs from Captain Marvel are weakening many of the enemies just as Crossbones goes down. Now 6 enemies are on screen and 14 remain, with Daredevil and Luke Cage having red health and Hulk in the yellow. I am able to take out Daredevil and then revive Thanos to be back to full strength, then take out Luke Cage a couple of hits later. Ant-Man is the next to die as I now have 3 enemies on screen for the moment before a new Hulk, 2 Daredevils and 2 Deadpools arrive. I add some SHIELD minions and take aim at the weak Hulk and HS. After Hulk is dead so is my Thanos, but I revive him and kill off the HS. 20+ hit later after some back and forth, I lose Black Widow and revive her then kill off one Daredevil, then take aim at the other Daredevil. Once he is out of the way I heal with ME and chip away at Hulk until he is removed. Now 3 Deadpools remain on the screen with reinforcements coming soon. I finally kill off a Deadpool and it is now 5 vs 5 on screen. My original 5 versus 2 Deadpools, 2 Daredevils and Groot who I stun immediately. My ME takes a few too many hits leaving me nervous, but a SHILED minion gives her stealth and she heals all of the party the next turn. Still focusing on Groot, it takes me 35-40 hits to finally chop the tree down. Now Daredevil is the target along with some tricky hits with Daredevil and Deadpool to keep from debuffing the latter. I take both out leaving a single Deadpool and Daredevil and easily mow through these two for the win. My reward is 200k gold and 2k Mega Orb Fragments.


After opening Ultron:

After opening Ultron you fight these battles once again in order to power him up and gain more rewards, only this time you have a lot more orange gear and (hopefully) more Gear 13 characters. While I am not going to live blog these battles, I will share my teams and results in case that helps others see what is effective. I now have 11 at Gear 13: Black Panther, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Jessica Jones, Minn-erva, Nick Fury, Phoenix, Quake, Star-Lord, Thanos and Vision.

Day 1, Battle 1 (1 total): Vision, Quake, Black Panther, Nick Fury and Black Widow (297k) – Phoenix had to use Dark Phoenix to complete Mission #9, so Vision is in action this time. Because this is a debuff-heavy team I am using, I am avoiding Deadpool to ensure I do not lose my progress by debuffing him, so I go after one of the two Spider-Man characters. I do get to use BP’s ultimate ability while charged, but outside of that the highlights are few and far between. I weakend a Spider-Man to yellow health but leave all 33 enemies for tomorrow.

Day 2, Battle 1 (2 total): Phoenix, Quake, Black Panther, Nick Fury and Black Widow (297k) – Using Phoenix on these FTD boards is great for a single-day battle as her special and ultimate abilities are awesome. While this team is not built to solo an entire FTD battle, I am able to take out 7 enemies leaving 26 to finish it off.

Day 2, Battle 2 (3 total): Captain Marvel, Star-Lord, Thanos, Minn-erva and Jessica Jones (263k) – This battle is a slow go, but I dig in for a long one. At 25 and 21 enemies reinforcements come, but at 19 enemies I am unable to fend them off and fall.

Day 3, Battle 1 (4 total): Captain Marvel, Star-Lord, Thanos, Minn-erva and Jessica Jones (263k) – Cramming the Day 3 battles in at 11 pm before bed so that I do not forget, efficiency was not really my focus. I start by working on Groot, given his heals and annoying Deathproof buff, and while I am able to remove him and two others, reinforcements arrived and they took me out with 16 enemies remaining and little progress.

Day 3, Battle 2 (5 total): Phoenix, Quake, Black Panther, Nick Fury and Black Widow (297k) – Phoenix did some work on this board but it was an overall disappointment of a battle. In the end 13 enemies remain with 5 on-screen.

Day 4, Battle 1 (6 total): Captain Marvel, Star-Lord, Thanos, Minn-erva and Jessica Jones (263k) – Starting with 13 enemies to beat, 5 on-screen and 2 in red health with 2 in yellow, I feel this team is the best fit to start today’s battles. After I remove the two in red, Hulk and Ant-Man, reinforcments arrive putting 8 of the 11 remaining enemies on-screen. I narrowly avoid a Crossbones explosion by killing him, then take out the Hydra Scientist to make it 9 remaining. Unfortunately this is as far as I can get as the multi-attacks of this team are too much.

Day 4, Battle 2 (6 total): Phoenix, Quake, Black Panther, Nick Fury and Black Widow (297k) – Phoenix does her thing and quickly removes one of the three Deadpools, then when I kill off Hulk to leave just 2 on the screen, the final 3 join the fight and are too much for me to handle.

Day 5, Battle 1 (7 total): Captain Marvel, Star-Lord, Thanos, Minn-erva and Jessica Jones (263k) – Knowing how good this team is at self-healing I sued them to finish off this mode and move on.


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