Avatar PR Commander Profile: Vineya

Avatar - Vineya

Described in-game with “Use Vineya to defend your Base or reinforce your allies,” Vineya is one of the first Na’vi Commanders you open in Avatar: Pandora Rising. A Defender in the Warrior Class, Vineya is designed for defense of your base/village in the early stages of the game and her parallel Commander from the RDA is Kung.



Class: Warrior
Rarity: Common
Commander Tags: Defender
Synergies: Archers, Arrow Storm, Hellswarm, Hunting Party, Paradise Needler, Viperwolf Den
Commander Talents:

  • Defender – All Towers level (+1 to +25), Wall Tower level (+1 to +25), All Troops level (+3 to +5) when defending a Player’s Base
  • Archer’s Way – Archers (+1 to +26), Hunting Party (+1 to +26), Paradise Needler (+1 to +26)
  • Tactician – Viperwolf Den (+1 to +26), Hellswarm (+1 to +26), Arrow Storm (+1 to +26)

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