Avatar PR Commander Profile: Neytiri

Neytiri - Avatar Pandora Rising

Described in-game with “Send Neytiri to battle enemy forces at Hunting and Gathering sites. Push for the battleline to maximize the high melee damage of her multiple air Troops.” Neytiri was the female lead in the original Avatar movie and is the daughter of Eytukan and Mo’at. For the purposes of Avatar: Pandora Rising, Neytiri started as an Epic, Swift hunter of Strumbeest for the Na’vi and is now a Warrior who specializes in attacking enemies at Hunting and Gathering locations.



Class: Warrior
Rarity: Epic
Commander Tags: Stalker
Synergies: Banshee Flight, Champion, Forest Banshee, Ikran Assault, Stingbat Swarm, Warbeest
Commander Talents:

  • Stalker – All Towers (+4 to +45), All Troops level (+4 to +12) when attacking any Resource Site, Loot Skill (+2,700 to +700,000) when attacking any Resource Site
  • Bold Heart – Banshee Flight (+4 to +30), Forest Banshee (+4 to +30), Ikran Assault (+4 to +30)
  • Nimblewind – Champion (+4 to +30), Stingbat Swarm (+4 to +30), Warbeest (+4 to +30)

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