Avatar PR Commander Profile: Tioang

Tioang - Avatar Pandora Rising

Described in-game with “Use Tioang to attack player Bases. Tioang’s powerful Warbeests can soak up damage especially with support from the skies.” A true warrior, Tioang has the Raider tag in Avatar: Pandora Rising.



Class: Warrior
Rarity: Uncommon
Commander Tags: Raider
Synergies: Warbeest, Sentinels, Viperwolf Pack, Banshee Flight, Forest Banshee, Arrow Storm
Commander Talents:

  • Raider – All Towers level (+2 to +33), all Troops (+2 to +13) when attacking a Player’s Base, Loot Skill (+1,350 to +350,000) when attacking a Player’s Base
  • Spearhead – Warbeest (+2 to +26), Sentinels (+2 to +26), Viperwolf Pack (+2 to +26)
  • Battleheart – Banshee Flight (+2 to +26), Forest Banshee (+2 to +26), Arrow Storm (+2 to +26)

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