SWGoH Relic Review: General Skywalker

SWGoH - General Anakin Skywalker

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Continuing the Relic Review series, we take a look at the Relic for General Anakin Skywalker, his lightsaber, and the impact it has on the game and his stats. As always, these reviews compare a character at Gear 13, Relic Level 0 with Relic Level 7, and mod enhancements are not factored in. The stats mentioned are based off of the data provided by the fine people at swgoh.gg.

For General Skywalker, the Jedi who has the Galactic Republic and 501st tags, his Relic in SWGoH features increases to his Health, Armor, Resistance, Physical Damage, Special Damage and Physical Critical Chance with his Mastery stats impacted being Resistance & Armor Penetration as well as Physical and Special Accuracy.

Looking at the survivability and defensive stats, General Skywalker gets a Health boost of 19,746 which is on the high end of the Relic upgrades given all characters except for the Top 13 get between 16,812 and 19,746. An average Armor increase of 9.71% is offset by a very strong Resistance upgrade of 9.88% to help General Skywalker’s survivability when upgraded all the way to Relic level 7. There are no Critical Avoidance, Dodge or Deflection numbers to speak of so this rounds out his defensive survivability gains.

Offensively speaking, General Skywalker is in the upper half of characters when it comes to his Physical Damage gain from the Relic upgrade. The 2,705 Physical Damage will ensure he hits even harder and an 18% boost to Anakin’s Physical Critical Chance from his Relic upgrade will bring him up to 61.96% CC overall. GS does get a boost of 13.5% to his Physical Accuracy which will slightly improve his two special abilities, but not his basic which cannot be evaded. Finally, a gain of +90 Resistance Penetration and +90 Armor Penetration place these two upgraded stats among the best in SWGoH.

Given the fact that General Skywalker is the new, shiny toy in Galaxy of Heroes and, at 7-stars, is the new META team leader, and already at 5-stars is a key piece to a Darth Revan & Darth Malak counter, where I rank his Relic upgrade in terms of priority is an easy decision. But looking at the stats is always important to get a full picture as I don’t want to jump to conclusions too soon. His Relic stat upgrades mentioned above are very important and actually helped me shape an evolving strategy for mods on General Skywalker given his the difference in his Critical Chance at Gear 11 versus Gear 13 with the Relic. In addition, ensuring you prioritize the Zetas for the 501st and General Skywalker is also an important piece to effective use. That having been said, these solid stat gains just further cement the fact that General Anakin Skywalker’s Relic will be a High Priority for me as I will upgrade it as high as I can once I have him at 7-stars and Gear 13.


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