Avatar PR Commander Profile: Zumkana

Zumkana - Avatar Pandora Rising

Described in-game with “Send Zumkana to hunt at Kentrocapra Cliffs and Saber Hog Moors. She gives Ikran Assault a big boost when defending in battles.” Zumkana is known for being a guide and tracker on Pandora, and for the purposes of Avatar: Pandora Rising, is an Epic hunter of Kentrocapra for the Na’vi. She shares her specialty hunting Kentrocapra with another Na’vi Commanders in Avatar PR – Sukal.



Class: Hunter
Rarity: Epic
Commander Tags: Swift, Kentrocapra, Saber Hog
Synergies: Ikran Assault
Commander Talents:

  • Shadow Hunt – Finds bonus Kentrocapra Bones at solo Kentrocapra Cliffs, Hunt Speed (+12% to +40%) at any Kentrocapra Cliffs, Hunt Skill (+40 to +150) at any Kentrocapra Cliffs
  • Wildwind – Sentry Tower level (+4 to +30), Commander Tower level (+7 to +45), Ikran Assault level (+10 to +60)
  • Wanderer – Finds bonus Kentrocapra Bones at Kentrocapra Rally Sites, Hunt Speed (+20% to +40%) at Kentrocapra Rally Sites, Hunt Skill (+75 to +150) at Kentrocapra Rally Sites

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