Avatar: Pandora Rising Release Date – Is it Almost Time?

Avatar Pandora Rising

Since the announcement of Avatar: Pandora Rising being added to the wealth of mobile games available today, fans have been wondering when will this game be released to the world. Of course those in New Zealand and the Philippines were the first to play the game, along with a select few game testers, Gaming-fans.com included, but since the addition of Canada to the list in late 2019 there have not been any new countries added. While we know little more than the public on this topic, all signs are pointing to a release date for Avatar: Pandora Rising being very soon. Sacred Sites - Avatar Pandora RisingNow, as other games have been known for, the term “soon” can mean a wide time range, so in this case, I am going with my gut and saying before the end of April we will finally see the game opened up the USA and the rest of the globe.


Why Should I Download Avatar: Pandora Rising?

As I mentioned above, there are a ton of mobile games out there that can entertain a person for hours and suck them dry of their precious earnings. That having been said, what I have enjoyed in playing Avatar: Pandora Rising has been the teamwork with my alliance and how we work together so well. Finding a good alliance is key in this game, and while being int the strongest alliance is not critical to one’s success, finding a good group to play with really enhances the game. In addition, if you have the time to dedicate to the game on Saturday afternoons/evenings (in the USA), the Sacred Site events can be thrilling and offer a range of emotions.

The other element of this game is, that is you are disciplined and efficient in your use of resources, you can step away from the game for a few hours and (usually) not miss too much. At the same time, you can also play for hours on end if you choose to, and rarely will you run out of things to do or people to attack. For help in early gameplay, our Beginner’s Quick Guide to Avatar: Pandora Rising should help.


So when will Avatar: Pandora Rising being released? We still do not know for sure, but we are sure of one thing – players across the globe will very much enjoy this mobile game.


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