Best Avatar PR Commanders: Burnfiber Gathering

Burnfiber - Avatar Pandora Rising

Since the site launched, has looked to educate gamers about games that our writers love to play. Over the past few years we have been able to expand from just a single game to several different mobile games including Avatar: Pandora Rising, after getting to preview APR at FoxNext Games in Los Angeles in September 2019. Below we take a look at our Best Avatar PR Commanders series where we break down the different commanders and resources in hopes that the data and our advice will help your gameplay in Avatar: Pandora Rising.

Burnfiber is a resource in Avatar: Pandora Rising that is important to the RDA. The gathering of Burnfiber, whether from a Rally or an individual commander on their own, provides the Burnfiber needed to make items in the Fuel Refinery including Biofuel Cannisters, Hellsugar and Sturm Diesel to heal your RDA Commanders.

Burnfiber can be acquired by any RDA commander in Avatar: Pandora Rising who is a Scientist, however two commanders specialize gathering in Burnfiber – Levson and Volodin. So who is the best RDA Commander to gather Burnfiber? Let’s look at the numbers and decide.

Levson – Levson is an Uncommon Commander in Avatar: Pandora Rising and the first scientist specializing in Burnfiber you get in the game. Statistically, Levson’s abilities look like this:

  • Bookworm – Finds bonus Burnfiber at solo Burnfiber Grove, Gather Speed (+5% to +30%) at solo Burnfiber Grove, Gather Skill (+20 to +110) at solo Burnfiber Grove
  • Holding Ground – Sentry Tower level (+4 to +30), Commander Tower level (+9 to +55), all Troops level (+2 to +20)
  • Crunch Time – Finds bonus Burnfiber at Burnfiber Rally Sites, Gather Speed (+10% to +30%) at Burnfiber Rally Sites, Gather Skill (+40 to +110) at Burnfiber Rally Sites

Volodin – Volodin is a Rare commander who gathers Burnfiber with +8% at Level 1 of his Deviant ability and can advances to as much as 35%. His Burnfiber Gather Skill ranges from +30 at Level 1 to +130 compared to 20-110 for Levson.  While these numbers are slightly higher than those of Levson, the difference is not great. His stats in Burnfiber rallies are similar – slightly higher but only by a small margin. On defense Volodin’s stats look like this:

  • Sentry Tower level (+6 to +40), Commander Tower level (+8 to +50), Missile Strike level (+8 to +50)


So we ask again, who is the best RDA Commander to gather Burnfiber?

This is one of the closer races when it comes to comparing commanders, and if you are not a big PVP person in Avatar: Pandora Rising, Burnfiber does not have as great a value as it does for the PVP-heavy players. The ability that stands out to me for comparison is the middle ability where Levson adds to all Troop levels and Volodin only adds to the strength of the Missile Strike. With their other stats being rather close in comparison and Levson boosting all Troops on defense, plus Levson being much easier to unlock and level up early in the game, I am personally going to value Levson slightly higher than Volodin for gathering Burnfiber in Avatar: Pandora Rising.

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