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In this edition of “What’s Hot This Week on Gaming-fans.com” we take a look at the most popular areas of our gaming site to see what players are seeking out this week. Here is a look at some of the new and popular content in the first week of February, 2020.

SWGoH Grand Arena Counters – The Grand Arena Championships are in full swing and our Grand Arena 5v5 counters page is getting a lot of looks. Instead of charting out all of those popular and effective counter-attacking teams, we continue to look to other fantastic sources within the Galaxy of Heroes community and have added a link to YouTuber CubsFanHan’s latest counters video.

SWGoH Zetas – Our new and improved coverage of Zeta materials is designed to help players of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes best use these valuable mats on their characters. We are pleased to have partnered with YouTuber DBofficial125 to review the Zeta priorities for specific factions in SWGoH and advise on when and where to use these enhancements to help you dominate to holotables. His review of General Skywalker and the 501st was spot-on and we’re adding his Zeta review of the First Order shortly.

TFEW Prime Cores – This past weekend’s Transformers: Earth Wars event focused on Prime Cores once again, and of course our best Prime Cores content that advises players on which bots to place these top-of-the-line Power Cores on has been a popular destination.

Shuri Event & MSF News – With the Shuri event, The Princess and the Symbiote opening up last night, our MSF events section continues to get some nice traffic. However the big news in the community involves a coalition of alliances joining together to voice their grievances about Marvel Strike Force and boycott spending in the game. The development studio, FoxNext, responded over the weekend and addressed many of the items in the players’ letter in a quite timely fashion. We have not voiced an opinion on this topic and do not plan to at this time. All we can say is that the players involved in the writing of the letter would never survive playing SWGoH if they think MSF has this many critical problems…

Game-specific pages – In a easily-overlooked update to the site over the weekend, Gaming-fans.com has added game reviews to the landing page of each game we cover here on the site. On these landing pages we review our Content Director’s experience playing the game, Longevity, In-game Performance, how True it is to the IP, rate of Fresh Content, how FTP Friendly the game is, our confidence in the studio developing the game and more. Feel free to use any of the links below to learn more.

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