MSF: Dark Dimension IV Walkthrough & Live Blog – Mission #14

Dark Dimension 4 - Mission 14

Dark Dimension IV: Embrace Your Doom is the ultimate endgame content in Marvel Strike Force in 2021, and I begin fighting Mission #14 after two battles on Mission #13. While my team not an ideal team makeup for this game mode, these Legendary characters at Gear 15 do not really fit together well anyway as I look to complete these final three boards. Keep following along as I continue to live blog my daily attempts and look to defeat the Dark Dimension to unlock Doctor Doom.


My Mission #14, Dark Dimension IV: Embrace Your Doom eligible Legendary characters:

  • Black Bolt – 157,450 power, 7 stars, 6 red – Level 80 – Gear 15 – Abilities 7-7-7-5 – Level 5 Striker
  • Ebony Maw – 151,455 power, 7 stars, 6 red – Level 80 – Gear 15 – Abilities 7-7-7-5 – Level 5 Skirmisher
  • Invisible Woman – 146,184 power, 7 stars, 6 red – Level 80 – Gear 15 – Abilities 7-7-7-5 – Level 5 Healer
  • Phoenix – 144,837 power, 7 stars, 6 red – Level 80 – Gear 15 – Abilities 7-7-7-5 – Level 4 Striker
  • Shuri – 143,228 power, 7 stars, 6 red – Level 80 – Gear 15 – Abilities 7-7-7-5 – Level 5 Healer
  • Jubilee – 142,657 power, 7 stars, 5 red – Level 80 – Gear 15 – Abilities 7-7-7-5 – Level 5 Striker
  • Nick Fury – 125,726 power, 7 stars, 5 red – Level 80 – Gear 15 – Abilities 6-6-7-5 – Level 5 Healer
  • Doctor Octopus – 123,368, 6 stars, 5 red – Level 80 – Gear 15 – Abilities 6-7-6-5 – Level 4 Healer


Dark Dimension IV: Embrace Your Doom – Mission 14

Venom, 4.42m – 55.6m total health

08.07.21 – With 8 eligible characters in total, because I just beat Mission 13 in my second battle of the day I start this battle with just four character options (without heals) – Black Bolt, Doc Oc, Shuri and Nick Fury. I will start with these four and pay to heal Jubilee and will test these team makeups over the coming days. As a result my 692k team goes into battle facing 41 enemies with 7+1 on-screen to start and three Super Soldiers – Cull Obsidian, Ghost Rider and Venom. I do well on getting debuffs to land and stick, but only get Hela to 55% health and the rest near full health before they kill me off with 55.1m health to go…


08.08.21 – Starting with 41 enemies and 55.1m health I begin with Black Bolt, Ebony Maw, Invisible Woman, Jubilee and Phoenix and check in at 742k power. I start by putting my hits on Hela and get her to yellow but she heals a bit, but fortunately I kill her off before the Phoenix summon zap and I survive the next barrage of enemy attacks. I put all of my attacks on Falcon and kill him before I lose any of my five then transition to Ironheart. Phoenix puts my team in Stealth and then IW adds barrier just before I was to lose BB and I finish off Ironheart and move to Ghost Rider. A second Jubilee ultimate helps a lot and Phoenix summons her darker side as I kill GR with the Phoenix Zap as 37 enemies remain. I finish off Cull Obsidian and then Venom leaving just Heimdall which is an easy task as I get the enemy count down to 34 and reinforcements arrive. The 7 new bad guys feature Negasonic and Psylocke as Super Soldiers, and I go right at Sif, knowing she will taunt soon anyway. I stun Carnage with another Jubilee ult and IW is forced to cleanse but exposes Black Bolt. This works out okay ass I pile hits on Sif and get her to yellow, but now surviving is an issue too. Barrier from IW comes at the perfect time, but so does a Squirrel Girl heal for Sif, so this continues for a while before BB finally kills her off. Now with the rodent lady in my sights, Jubilee and Phoenix both drop ultimates and I stun SG as my team has healed back up. Ebony Maw finally finishes SG off and now at 32 enemies left a group of reinforcements arrives as 8 are on-screen at the moment. I finish off Carnage but then lose BB and Ebony Maw to America Chavez ultimates and this is falling apart. Another Jubilee ult kills Psylocke leaving 30 enemies to go, then I put a few hits on Proxima Midnight before they finish me off. A good run IMO, as 30 enemies and 36.5m health remains heading into my second battle of the day.

The second battle which features Doc Oc, Shuri and Fury, I pay to add Black Bolt and Phoenix as I look to make more progress. 6 enemies are on-screen and I start focusing on Proxima Midnight as she is the weakest, and a Black Bolt ultimate is what does her in. O place enough hits on Carnage to finish him off and when Phoenix summons her darker side she kills Negasonic. I finish off both America Chavez enemies and War Machine and at 24 enemies a new group arrives with 7 on-screen, so I go right after the Daredevil on the far right. Sif taunts when DD gets to yellow health and they kill off my Fury and Shuri but Doc Oc is able to kill one Daredevil before the enemies finish me off. 23 enemies and 27.3m health remains as I head into tomorrow.


08.09.21 – I start with four of the same five as yesterday as that first team really seemed to work well with Black Bolt, Ebony Maw, Invisible Woman and Phoenix, but I replace Jubilee with Doc Oc and check in at 723k power. 6 enemies are on-screen with Daredevil in red health and when I kill him reinforcements arrive. I reset and go back to try to play this a bit differently… This time I start the same only weaken War Machine and Psylocke, the two lowest health on-screen other than DD, a bit before killing DD. This allows me a chance to think out the enemies a bit once they mount up against me. I use Phoenix to stealth the team and add Barrier with IW, then the enemies summon Dark Phoenix and I am able to kill War Machine as a result, followed by Ironheart and Psylocke. At this point each enemy has 3+ debuffs on them and I am looking to maximize my hits by hitting the weakest ones with Defense Down. I finish off Falcon and then Carnage, Venom and Heimdall fall as well leaving Sif as the lone enemy in this group. When she dies just 14 enemies remain and I am ready for the challenge… Cooldowns refreshed I now have 7 enemies on-screen with Daredevil and Proxima Midnight as the Super Soldiers. I go after Ghost Rider first as I find him quite annoying in this game mode, and ultimates from IW, BB and Doc Oc set the table nicely adding debuffs to the enemies. Psylocke removes the debuffs just before I kill GR and reminds me why I do not like fighting her, so I focus all efforts on her and kill her fast. My use of Iso-8 is coming in handy as several Vulnerable status effects are spread around allowing BB to pick and choose who to hit twice and maximize damage on. A Phoenix swoop weakens the group as 4 of the 5 left are in red health, and I take them out 1 by 1 with Heimdall as the last to be killed since his offense is minimal. The final wave is here as the final 7 enemies appear, with 2 Heimdalls as the Super Soldiers. I start my attacks on Psylocke and a Phoenix zap helps out, as does a BB ultimate, but the enemies get 8-10 turns in a row and despite handling the first 5-6 well I start to crumble. I get Psylocke down to yellow health but the enemies finish me off with just 8.0m health remaining.

I come back for another fight, this time mixing it up a bit with Black Bolt, Ebony Maw, Nick Fury, Jubilee and Phoenix checking in at 722k power. This of course uses all of my Dark Energy refreshes and 50 cores, but I am hopeful the investment will be worth it as Shuri stays on the sideline. I have Phoenix stealth the team immediately to get her into dark mode and the zap sets up the killing of Psylocke. Now focusing on Hela, I am able to kill her off but only after losing Fury and Phoenix. I am also able to finish off Ironheart and another, but the enemies have me so weak that finishing this will not happen today. I leave Cull Obsidian in yellow health and these Super Soldier Heimdalls at neat full health as 3 enemies and 3.8m health remains.

Unable to fight the urge I spend 200 cores to fight once more with Shuri, IW, Jubilee, Fury and Doc Oc checking in at 681k. Cull Obsidian takes forever to kill, but with IW, Shuri, Doc Oc and Fury I have some nice survivability here. I finish him off and fend off the Heimdall enemies until I stun both which makes this a lot easier. With both enemies with Slow and Stun I go to work as I finish one off and the other comes out of Stun for a moment, only for a Jubilee ult that Stuns him again. I continue on with basics only and get the win earning 300k gold and 2k Mega-Orb Fragments.


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