MSF: Dark Dimension VI – Shifting Darkness – Mission #3 Walkthrough & Live Blog

MSF - Dark Dimension 6

The third missions of the Dark Dimension VI – Shifting Darkness has 23 enemies and 156 million health to work through. We now have specific groups to use, with Missions 3 & 4 requiring Global characters. My team is to start is Apocalypse, Gambit, Titania, Wong and Maria Hill for a total of 1,801,851 as I continue the Dark Dimension 6 Live Blogs & Walkthroughs.

Waiting in the wings close to Gear 18 is Captain America (Sam) who needs one gear piece.

I start off the 3rd mission with Apocalypse, Gambit, Titania, Wong and Maria Hill for a total of 1,801,851 power as I face 23 enemies with a total of 156m power. The challenge here is getting around Spider-Weaker’s ability to make attacks miss, and this looks like it is going to be a terribly unfun battle, even if unfunny is not a word.

My second battle sucked. I made progress, but this sucks. First off, Maria Hill is borderline worthless at Gear 18 in Dark Dimension 6. Wong taunts and takes a lot of hits, allowing me to stay alive around the Spider-Weaver charged annoyance which negates Gambit. I use an Ability Block on SW at one point and Apocalypse has his ultimate ready, but Rhino is taunting. I hit the group, then use the bonus attack to hit him hard, taking him to red health and making my first real impact on this battle before I get killed off. 23 enemies remain with 148m health.

In my 3rd battle I add Captain America (Sam) so that my roster now looks like this after dropping Maria Hill:

  • Gambit – 400,750 power – Level 95 – Gear 18 – 7 Red Stars – Iso-8 Tier 2, Level 5 – Raider
  • Wong – 394,211 – Level 95 – Gear 18 – 7 Red Stars – Iso-8 Tier 2, Level 5 – Striker (had it here for other game modes, not spending resources to change it)
  • Titania – 338,478 power – Level 95 – Gear 18 – 6 Stars, 6 Red Stars – Iso-8 Tier 2, Level 5 – Raider
  • Apocalypse – 293,746 power – Level 95 – Gear 18 – 6 Stars, 3 Red Stars – Iso-8 Tier 2, Level 4 – Striker (upgraded to 323k power in Attack #8)
  • Captain America (Sam) – 383,934 power – Level 95 – Gear 18 – 7 Red Stars – Iso-8 Tier 2, Level 4 – Skirmisher

On to the battle, I now check in at 1.811m power. I go all-in on the weekend Rhino in an effort to remove an enemy from the screen, but the charged from Spider-Weaver makes it tricky. I finally get around that and after several Gambit hits, and a well-times Captain Sam taunt to protect my team, Gambit’s ultimate kills Rhino as 22 enemies remain. The other Rhino taunts and Kingpin summons minions to taunt, and Apocalypse has his ultimate ready, so I zap the enemies and weaken the group. The bad guys kill Captain Sam and take 10+ straight turns, but my other four remain alive for Apocalypse’s bonus turn. Here I have to decide if I hit Spider-Weaver (with Defense Up), the worst to deal with here or the other Rhino, who will die if I hit him. I hit SW and get her to yellow health with the massive blow, then the enemies take another 10+ turns as I lose all but Titania and Apocalypse. With his special available, I use Apoc’s unavoidable attack on SW but she heals to green health again. Another streak of enemy attacks and all I can muster is another basic on SW before I die, leaving 22 enemies and 142.3m health left.

Battle #4 and I bring in the same group as Maria Hill has a permanent spot on the bench. By the time I have a chance to attack, Spider-Weave is at full health with Barrier and my progress is mostly lost from yesterday. Some Blind debuffs from Taskmaster and SW’s charged dodges kill my early attacks, but Apoc’s ultimate once again is my offense, mimicking how Phoenix was so helpful in Dark Dimension III. I use Apocalypse’s bonus attack to take out Kingpin then focus all efforts on Taskmaster, getting him to yellow health before they pick my team apart and kill me. In the end, 21 enemies and 134.2m health remains.

My 5th attempt sees Titania in yellow health and Gambit stunned before I take a turn, and Apoc’s up with his special ready, and since it ignores Defense Up I use it on Taskmaster and get him to red health. Captain Sam taunts and takes some hits, then Titania steals Taskmaster’s buffs which heals her up as Captain Sam is in red health. I lose Gambit to a Spider-Weaver attack and then Apocalypse is up with his ultimate which he weakens the field with. With Taskmaster at los red health, I use the bonus attack for Apocalypse to kill Rhino and then Titania takes out TM as we are down to 19 enemies left before an Ultron summons as the enemies take control and overwhelm my lone Apoc to finish the day’s battle. 20 enemies and 130.7m health remains.

Coning into my 6th attempt I feel pretty good despite a low health reduction in the last battle, as 19 enemies remain and just 5 are on-screen. By the time I get to take a turn in this battle Captain Sam is stunned and red health, but Apocalypse is up and lands Ability Block on Spider-Weaver as Gambit has already labeled Emma Frost as the weakest enemy on the screen. I lose Wong and Captain Sam and have Emma at 60% health when Apoc’s ultimate is up again, and when he gets his bonus turn I have a 50% health Emma next to SW with 100% health but Defense Down. Betting on the attack not killing SW I finish off Emma and the battle falls apart after this. I end with 18 enemies and 122.8m health to go.

Attack #7 and my team remains the same, although I am getting close to having my Death Seed faction fight to upgrade Apocalypse. Facing 4 on-screen enemies, I land an Ability Block with Apocalypse and then have to work around a charged SW, making sure to avoid attacking her and Spider-Man (Noir) to avoid them gaining more Ability Energy, eventually using Gambit’s ultimate to do some damage to all enemies. Apocalypse is up with another ultimate, my only decent weapon in for this mission, and when the bonus attack comes I finally use it on SW getting her to 50% health. Ultron summons minions, and when Gambit’s attack comes I use the special to hit SW and adjacent minions, removing all three. I lose Wong and Titania as Ultron summons again, and Gambit keeps barraging SW with attacks as Apocalypse is able to finally finish her off after what feels like 10-12 hits from Gambit. The enemies kill Apocalypse leaving just Gambit as I get a final attack in before the summoned Ultron bots overwhelm me. 17 enemies and 115.1m health remains as I look top make big progress tomorrow.

For my 8th attack Apocalypse is about 10% stronger after improving his Red Star count to 4 last night, bringing his power to 323k. I go in to attack with 1,840,373 power overall to face the final 17 enemies, and immediately reinforcements are called. I start attacking Ultron as his summoned bots were getting quite annoying yesterday and I get Captain Sam to taunt and eat several hits before dying early. Gambit is a big fan of attacking the original Spider-Man (Noir), forcing me to change up my strategy and when he goes under stealth when Gambit attacks the other Spider-Man (Noir). Apocalypse is up with his ultimate with 4 of my 5 left and it debuffs the enemies and has the original Spider-Man (Noir) in red health, but I use the big bonus attack on Doc Ock so that I can remove his ability to summon and buff his allies. Doc Ock is now in red health as I lose Apocalypse and Titania from enemy attacks, but Gambit retaliates, killing Spider-Man (Noir). Gambit puts up a good fight hitting Doc Ock several more times before the enemies finish me off with Doc Ock in low red health. In the end 16 enemies remain with 102.2m health to go.

Attack #9 as killing Doc Ock is the main goal. Apocalypse takes my first turn and uses his special on adjacent Moonstone which lands an Ability Block and this is enough to get the job done as 15 enemies remain, 7 on-screen. A Gambit AoE and a few attacks plus counters from Gambit exposes the final Spider-Man (Noir) as the weakest, and he is in red health and goes Stealth after an Apocalypse ultimate. Apocalypse is back with his bonus attack  and I use it on Titania who is next to SMN and has Defense Down. Kingpin calls minions, and I kill one with a Gambit special that also hits Titania, then I lose my Titania but still have 4 left. More counters from Gambit has the enemy Titania in low red health, and after Wong removes the second taunting minion, Apocalypse kills Titania as 14 remain. I lose Wong and Apocalypse as SMN is healing a bit, but Gambit gets him back to red health with counters and a Heal Block as Ultron summons his bots and they finish me off. 14 enemies and 86.6m health remains heading into tomorrow’s attack.

My 10th attack sees my five facing 6 on-screen enemies including Spider-Man (Noir) who is the weakest at 50% health, an full-health versions of Ultron, two Moonstones, Spider-Man 2099 and a 80% health Kingpin. I take a hit and Gambit is already working SMN down, and when he goes under Stealth, Kingpin becomes the target of Gambit’s retaliatory behavior. We continue to tread hits and wear each other down when Ultron calls minions just before Apocalypse is up with his ultimate. That kills the minions and SMN as 13 total enemies remain. I keep the hits on Kingpin as he gets to red health when Apocalypse’s bonus attack is up and Spider-Man 2099 has Defense Down, so he is instantly in low red health as a result. Several enemy attacks later Gambit finishes him off and with 12 total enemies left and 4 on-screen, my five continue to hang on. I finally finish off Kingpin and lose Captain Sam, and then Ability Block one Moonstone which turns her into Gambit’s next target. Because she was beside Ultron I go all-in on her so that adjacent attacks can also harm Ultron and the race is on to see who can finish who the fastest. Ultron calls bots, Wong dies and I am now thinking I may be looking to do as much damage as possible before I die. Gambit gets Moonstone to yellow health then uses his ultimate to remove the Ultron bots, then Apocalypse gets her to red before more summons. Apocalypse finishes two bots off and kills Moonstone with a special attack, and 1o actual enemies remain with 2 on-screen plus a Ultron healing bot. I start to hit Moonstone and have to kill off more bots, but the cycle is not hurting my team as Ultron’s bots do not do enough to worry me. And that overconfidence becomes my downfall here as Ultron’s ultimate kills Gambit before more bots come and Apocalypse is overwhelmed. In the end 10 enemies and 61.5m health remains, and Apocalypse should be due for an ultimate soon…

Attack #11 and I feel good about things, meaning today I will be humbled. Titania takes a hit and is at 50% health before I take a turn – fun. I Ability Block Ultron and then start working to finish Moontstone off. I kill her with basics, use a Titania Ability Block on Ultron and skip over an ultimate from Apocalypse as I focus on Ultron, finally. Using the Titania, Apocalypse and Gambit Ability Blocks keeps him using his basic and not summoning bots, as I get him to red health and force the revive. After the revive he summons bots, but Gambit’s AoE kills them, and he gets an ultimate off on Wong who is at 50% health as a result. A final Ability Block from Titania and I finish him off prompting the final 8 enemies to arrive, but Apocalypse is ready with an ultimate for them. I go right after the enemy Titania as she has Defense Down, land a few hits on her, then the bonus attack from Apocalypse kills her and the enemies take over. I take a single turn before the end as my team is decimated but the enemies. These next 2-3 days are going to be rough… In the end 7 enemies remain with 39.3m health.

Today is a chip away at the iceberg kind of day, and Titania is yellow health before I take a turn. The Mercenary Riot Guard has been identified by Gambit as the weakest, likely my last choice, but I decide to just see if I can make significant progress and getting any of these 7 enemies out of the way. I get MRG into yellow health and lose Kang and Captain Sam, then MRG to red, and just as I was considering a reset, Apocalypse has his ultimate ready. The attack does not kill MRG, but Gambit does on retaliatory attacks shortly after and at this point it is take all the health I can before I am done. I heal block Rhino (next weakest) with Gambit, use a basic from Titania and Apocalypse uses his bonus attack, killing Rhino as things crumble around me despite a good showing. 29.8m health remains with just 5 enemies to go…

Back for lucky #13 and 5 enemies on-screen turns into 8, then 9 before I take my first turn, which is unfortunately not an AoE. Taskmaster is the weakest target and after a few hits I get Gambit to use his AoE and remove the Ultron and Doc Ock minions. I struggle to get the buffs away from Taskmaster as I feel I am treading water when Apocalypse uses his ultimate to turn the tide. I lose Wong, but kill Taskmaster with Apoc’s big hit and focus on Kang, the real offense on this team. Kang kills Captain Same and Ultron calls minions which leads to a barrage of summons and kills my chances in this attack. I lose all but Apocalypse and by the time they finish me off there are 10 enemies on-screen but only 4 being original enemies, and thanks to the Heal Over Time buffs, Kang is back to 75% health. 4 enemies and 23.7m health remains as I start t to rethink my strategy and kill order here.

Here we go as I look to finish this today, knowing that I may need 2 days to finish off Kang and Ultron. I use Maria Hill in place of Wong, on purpose, to see what I think and get a good start. Ultron summons minions and Apocalypse Ability Blocks Ultron and kills the minions, then after Kang hits Captain Sam hard, Titania Ability Blocks Kang, who already has Heal Block too. Maria heals the team and I place a couple of hits on Kang, who then cleanses himself and uses his special. Apocalypse is up next with his ultimate, and this stuns Kang and gets him to yellow health, so I tee off on him with all I have, as Apocalypse gets the kill shot. Just Ultron remains and a charged Gambit uses his middle ability to land Ability Block as I have Ultron right where I want him. Sam taunts for Ability energy and to be safe, and Maria calls for help as I get Ultron to red before he uses his ultimate, which Sam handles well. In the end Gambit finishes him off with a basic as I earn 200 T4 Ability mats and 1.25m Gold for the win.

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