SWGoH: BB-8 & Rey (Jedi Training) events set to return to Galaxy of Heroes

Rey Jedi Training - SWGoH

In a surprising move, two of the best characters in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes are set to be available in the game later this week. SWGoH - Rey Jedi TrainingIt was announced on the EA SWGoH forums that the BB-8 Pieces and Plans event along with the Rey’s Hero’s Journey event have both been added to the SWGoH calendar from March 15-21. While the announcement and timeline does not leave much time for players to prepare, those who finished farming the characters needed for both BB-8 and Rey (Jedi Training) will undoubtedly be happy to see the return of both toons. Similarly, with the high value of RJT for the new Sith Triumvirate Raid, the addition of RJT to rosters across the globe will be sure to help many Guilds get through the new raid more efficiently.


For tips on both upcoming SWGoH events check out the links below:


And for those who have recently unlocked BB-8 and RJT:

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  1. It’s time to sell some packs with the remaining shards of the Veterans !

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