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In this edition of “What’s Hot This Week on Gaming-fans.com” we take a look at the most popular areas of our gaming site to see what players are seeking out this week. Here is a look at some of the new and popular content in the middle of February, 2020.

SWGoH Galactic Legends content – We have put a lot of time into updating our Galactic Legends event content in SWGoH to prepare for the new Rey and Kylo Ren characters. This whole Galactic Legends idea, if well executed, has a ton of potential in the game, and will surely be endgame content. That having been said, it will also not be immediate content for players to unlock on day one, and the steep price for entry is already ruffling many feathers in the community. Either way, Gaming-fans.com will continue to cover the Galactic Legend events and characters needed to participate as we continue to update the Best Mods and Relic Review articles for the characters needed for Galactic Legend Rey and Kylo.

SWGoH Zetas – As announced in our last update, our new and improved coverage of Zeta materials is designed to help players of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes best use these valuable mats on their characters. We are pleased to have partnered with YouTuber DBofficial125 to review the Zeta priorities for specific factions in SWGoH and advise on when and where to use these enhancements to help you dominate to holotables. His first review was of General Skywalker and the 501st an has followed that with a Zeta review of the First Order that is sure to help you develop your team.

TFEW Prime Cores – This weekend’s Leaderboard Event in Transformers: Earth Wars will add two new bots to a great many rosters in the game – Dinobot and Dinobot II. We’ll be adding them both to the best Power Cores section and you can reference our TFEW Leaderboard history page for reference to see how many points your alliance will need to unlock these new bots.

Game-specific pages – In an easily-overlooked update to the site earlier this month, Gaming-fans.com has added game reviews to the landing page of each game we cover here on the site. On these landing pages we review our Content Director’s experience playing the game, Longevity, In-game Performance, how True it is to the IP, rate of Fresh Content, how FTP Friendly the game is, a rating of our dealings with Support/Customer Service, our confidence in the studio developing the game and more. Feel free to use any of the links below to learn more.

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