MSF: Dread The Darkness Live Blog – Mission #14

MSF - Dread The Darkness Mission 14

Dark Dimension III: Dread The Darkness is the ultimate endgame content in Marvel Strike Force, and I begin fighting the 14th mission after nearly a month of fighting the 13th mission. Like the previous one, this mission requires City characters, and this again leaves me incredibly under-manned. While I have been working to boost my City roster of late, especially the Symbiote faction, this is a slow, slow grind for even the light Pay To Play (PTP) of MSF. Below I am going to live blog my daily attempts as I look to defeat the Dark Dimension and earn a 5-Red Star Ultimus.


My Dread The Darkness eligible City characters:

Here are the starting stats for my City characters fighting this mission.

  • Punisher – 122,764 power, Level 76, Gear 14 +1 piece, Abilities Levels 7-7-7-5 – 7 Stars, 6 Red Stars – Striker Level 4
  • Spider-Man (Symbiote) – 116,824 power, Level 76, Gear 14, Abilities Levels 7-7-7-5 – 6 Stars, 6 Red Stars – Skirmisher Level 2

I began this note to show the timeline for acquiring the Gear 13 pieces to add more eligible characters to my posts for the Dark Dimension III. As of 11.21.20 I has Jessica Jones at Gear 13 +4 pieces, needing the Superior Molecular Scan pieces to advance her gear level. I note this in an effort to document how long this takes in a FTP environment to finish this piece. JJ currently needs 26 more Superior Molecular Scan pieces to get to Gear 14.

11.27.20 gear update – I have the pieces needed for JJ’s 5th Gear 13 piece thanks to good RNG and the current Symbiote event.

12.04.20 gear update – The Symbiote event is over and JJ is a total of 4 Superior Molecular Scan pieces away from Gear 14 after some (rare) good RNG in the stores and one of my Orange Gear War Orbs.


Dread The Darkness – Mission 14

Mister Fantastic (1.51m power), 8.141m total enemy health

11.28.20 – I start this battle with my City duo, Spider-Man (Symbiote) and Punisher. After surviving the opening barrage, SMS lands his ultimate and marks Shuri Vulnerable, then Punisher follows with his AoE ultimate, hitting Shuri with the bonus Iso-8 attack. Punisher is dead by the next time around and SMS is hanging in there and uses his special on Shuri which nearly kills her. However the bleed from the attack does her in and SMS gets one final turn, landing a basic on Human Torch before they finish me off. 6.641m health remains heading into day 2 tomorrow.


11.29.20 – I added a Gear 14 piece to Spider-Man (Symbiote) this morning and now have him at Gear 14 +1 piece and 118,283 power, so a slight improvement. I start the battle with 6.641m health left on the enemies, of which I have killed 1 of the 22 total. After 3 enemy attacks, SMS kills Human Torch with a basic that chains and hits 4 total bad guys. Now with 20 of 22 enemies remaining, they take 6 attacks and kill Punisher, allowing SMS another attacks, this time on the tanning M’Baku. I use his special and hit him and Thor, both with Defense Down, dropping the Asgardian into red health. Several attacks later SMS is up again with his ultimate, and targets Killmonger with the attack which kills Thor and drops Killmonger to red and both M’Baku and Okoye to yellow health, but also calls 3 reinforcements. Now 19 enemies remain with 8 on-screen and SMS has survived another round of attacks, so I use his basic on Killmonger, killing him to leave 18 enemies, and placing Defense Down on others. 10 attacks later SMS is up again, hanging on but low on health, and targets the lower health version of the two Mister Fantastic enemies on-screen. His attack drops MF to red health and heals SMS, but a Quake basic places Slow on SMS and that is what the enemies needed to get rid of him, albeit 9 attacks later. Heading into tomorrow the 18 enemies have 5.659m health remaining.


11.30.20 – I begin the battle with my team at 241k power and 18 enemies left with a total of 5.659m health remaining, and only one enemy takes a turn before Spider-Man (Symbiote) is up. With Mister Fantastic in red health I feel it necessary to try and take him out, so I use the special from SMS to target Quake, which also hits Jessica Jones and kills MF dropping the total to 17 enemies. Since she has the Vulnerable effect, I use Punisher’s special to target her which brings her to red health after the bonus ISO-8 attacks. I handle a few attacks and SMS is up, but M’Baku is taunting. Punisher hits him too, but I take probably 20+ attacks in a row on my stunned, then slowed SMS, as Punisher does not last long into that barrage. I get one final attack from SMS and his basic has enough power to kill Quake, but that is all for this turn. 16 enemies remain with a total of 5.066m health after this attack.

Back for my second battle of the day after using my Dark Health Packs for the first time ever, and SMS is up first with his ultimate. It appears that two reinforcements arrived, another M’Baku and The Thing, leaving 6 enemies on-screen. SMS targets the new M’Baku to hopefully stun him to avoid the taunt, and the hit kills JJ. Punisher is up and targets Okoye, killing her off and leaving 6 on-screen after two more reinforcements arrive. Now 14 total enemies remain and SMS uses his special on the lower-health M’Baku which hits 5 of the enemies because of their alignment on-screen. I take a bunch of hits before Punisher is up, and he uses his basic on a Vulnerable M’Baku, but is unable to finish him off. The enemies then kill SMS and gang up on Punisher to end my day of attacks. Tomorrow I will start with 14 enemies and 4.198m health remaining.


12.01.20 – Checking in again at 241k, my 2-man team enters battle opposite 6 enemies on-screen. One of the two M’Baku enemies is in red health, but finishing off tanks is always harder than it looks, so this battle may also be one where I am set up for failure. I try two times hitting M’Baku first and quit the battles once it appears that I will not get a second hit in. I try once with Spider-Man (Symbiote) hitting the weaker Mister Fantastic instead, and this variable has them then stun SMS, allowing Punisher to use his ultimate and hit MF with an Iso bonus attack. 15 attacks later, however, my battle is over as the enemies overwhelm me, as expected, to end the day.


12.02.20 – I start with 3.781m health on the 14 remaining enemies, and Spider-Man (Symbiote) is up first. His basic kills 1 of the 2 Mister Fantastic (MF) enemies and chains to hit more. After a couple of attacks, Punisher is up and uses his special on the other MF based on his placement on-screen, as the hit also damages both M’Baku enemies and The Thing. The healthier M’Baku taunts and SMS uses his special to damage MF and The Thing beside him as well. Punisher, now in yellow health, uses his basic on the now Vulnerable M’Baku, and several hits later Punisher is dead. I have 13 enemies left and SMS at about 60% health with his ultimate up, so I use it and target Human Torch and it kills the weaker M’Baku as well as The Thing. 4 Reinforcements arrive and I now have 11 enemies remaining with 7 on-screen. SMS is up again and hits MF which chains to hit and kill M’Baku, and while that heals him to 100%, the enemies get several attacks in before he goes again, this time in yellow and with heal block, slow and two bleed debuffs. My last attack hits MF, but before I die Shuri heals him. Heading into tomorrow I have 10 enemies remaining with a total of 2.775m health.


12.03.20 – My 241k duo heads into battle opposite 10 total enemies, 6 of which are on-screen. I take a couple of hits on Punisher before SMS takes his first turn, then he lands his special on Mister Fantastic, also hitting Quake and Okoye. 9 attacks later the enemies have killed off Punisher and debuffed my SMS, but he gets a basic attack in on MF which kills the enemy character. I take a ton of hits, due in part to the Slow debuff placed on me by Quake, and SMS gets one final attack for today, using his basic (and saving the ultimate for tomorrow) on Quake since she already has Defense Down. 2.432m health remains across 9 enemies moving forward.


12.04.20 – Now at 246.9k after leveling both characters up to Level 77 and adding another piece of gear to Spider-Man (Symbiote), I doubt the upgrades will impact my battles much. As for the battle, I have 5 enemies on-screen with 3 in yellow health (Quake, Human Torch & Okoye) and 2 near full health (Shuri & another Okoye). The enemies have a lot of turn meter and SMS is up with his ultimate, so I have him target Quake to keep the Slow debuff away. 5 attacks from the enemies and Punisher kills Quake, then after 3 more enemy attacks 4 reinforcements arrive. SMS is up again with his special and uses it on the weaker Okoye which kills her, then Punisher uses a basic on the weaker Human Torch. This proves to be the end of the line for SMS, but Punisher gets one AoE attack in before he dies, and is done one hit later. 1.134m health remains across the enemies remaining.


12.05.20 – 1.134m health remains across 6 enemies as I take hits from Human Torch and Okoye to start before my Spider-Man (Symbiote) uses his basic on HT and chains. The Vulnerable on HT sets up Punisher, who survives 3 enemy attacks, to use his special as the bonus attack kills HT. Now 5 enemies remain but Punisher is a hit or two from death after the resulting barrage from the enemies, and SMS is about half health as he uses his special on the weaker Thor which also hits Okoye and Killmonger, killing both with the resulting bleeds. Now full health, SMS targets the stronger Thor, who is about to take a turn, stoning him and slowing all 3 remaining enemies. SMS uses a basic to kill the weaker Thor, then trades hits with Shuri and kills her. Now just a single enemy, the other Thor, remains as I use only basics to finish him off.

250k gold, 2,000 Meg Orb Fragments and 200 T4 Ability Materials are my reward for completing the 14th Mission of Dread The Darkness.



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