SWGoH Events

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes features a variety of different events that happen within the game. From Legendary Events which take place once every few months to weekly and monthly events, SWGoH are a great source for hard-to-find character shards, valuable gear pieces and much more. Information and details for each of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes many events is listed below.


Recurring SWGoH Events

Credit Heist – Fight smugglers for credits.

Training Droid Smuggling – Fight smugglers for training droids.

Defense of Dathomir – Fight to acquire Mother Talzin shards.

Ghosts of Dathomir – Fight the Nightsisters and destroy the Spirit Altar for shards of Nightsister Spirit or Nightsister Zombie.

Smuggler’s Run – Added in September 2019, this Shared Rewards event requires five Smugglers to defeat the Empire and acquire Mods and Mod Slicing materials.


Assault Battles – Forest Moon, Ground War, Military Might, Places of Power, Rebel Round-Up, Secrets & Shadows

Omega Events – Fight to acquire Omega Materials using select characters facing a variety of SWGoH enemies.


SWGoH Ship Events

Contraband Cargo

Endurance – Earn shards of the Endurance, Mace Windu’s Capital Ship.

Executrix – Earn shards of the Executrix, Grand Moff Tarkin’s Capital Ship.

Home One – Earn shards of Home One, Admiral Ackbar’s Capital Ship.

Imperial Chimaera – (Legendary) – Unlock shards of Grand Admiral Thrawn’s Capital Ship, the Chimaera, opens at 5-stars


Legendary SWGoH Events

Artist of War – Unlock shards of Grand Admiral Thrawn, opens at 5-stars

Artist of War (Mythic) – Mythic version of the Grand Admiral Thrawn event

Contact Protocol – Unlock shards of C-3PO, opens at ?-stars

Daring Droid – Unlock shards of R2-D2, opens at 5-stars

Daring Droid (Mythic) – Mythic version of the R2-D2 event

Grandmaster’s Training – The original Legendary Event in SWGoH, unlock shards of Grand Master Yoda, opens at 5-stars

Grandmaster’s Training (Mythic) – Mythic version of the Yoda event

Emperor’s Demise – Unlock shards of Emperor Palpatine, opens at 5-stars or higher

Emperor’s Demise (Mythic) – Mythic version of the Emperor Palpatine event

Imperial Chimaera – (Legendary) – Unlock shards of Grand Admiral Thrawn’s Capital Ship, the Chimaera, opens at 5-stars

Legend of the Old Republic Ancient Journey – Unlock shards of Jedi Knight Revan, opens at 7-stars only

Luke Skywalker Hero’s Journey – Unlock shards of Commander Luke Skywalker, opens at 7-stars only

One Famous Wookie – Unlock shards of Rebel Chewbacca, opens at 5-stars or higher

Pieces & Plans – Unlock shards of BB-8, opens at 5-stars or higher

Pieces & Plans (Mythic) – Mythic version of the BB-8 event

Rey’s Hero’s Journey – Unlock shards of Rey (Jedi Training), opens at 7-stars only